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5 Top Tips to Convert Your Website Visitors into Paying Customers

Following on from our last article ‘How to Increase Website Traffic’ we will Website Conversionsexplore some of the basic elements required to turn this traffic into paying customers.

The primary goal for any website is to convert visitors into customers, it is also essential to raise brand awareness, improve your search rankings and drive traffic to your website through your social media channels.

However, once on your site you have a short timeframe to capture the user’s interest and make the conversion. Follow our five step formula to increase your websites conversions.

  1. Know Your Target Audience

Research is the key to any successful online venture and this is required to build a clear understanding of your target audience. Through your research it is very beneficial to develop a profile of your target customer and include their demographics such as age, gender, marital status, income and location. Now the focus shifts to their underlying motivations; what is the major problem they are experiencing and how does your website solve this. It is essential for you to understand how you can solve their problems and highlight this on your website.

  1. Make Your Website User Friendly

Internet users generally have a short time frame to conduct their search. They also have a short attention span, therefore if you have managed to get them to click onto your website it is imperative that your site is clear and they can navigate to the page they want with ease.

Some basic features that should be on your website include a logical menu, clean design, clear calls to action and simple functionality e.g. add to cart features, request a call-back etc. The primary goal is to make your site so user friendly that your users become customers in the shortest space of time. It is also worth researching why your customers are visiting your site and in turn giving them what they want in a clearly designed format.

  1. Focus On Your Customers’ Pain Points.

Back to research, through effective research you will understand your target audience’s pain points. You must then use your website to present the ideal solution to their problem. Using this approach can help direct your overall marketing strategy and keep you focused on the needs of your visitor knowing that when they land on your site, they feel like they must take action and have your product or service to resolve their issue. By understanding your customers pain points and integrating this into your marketing strategy your website will attract customers and answer their most urgent needs.

  1. Use Clear Language.

Regularly assess your marketing campaigns, look out for poof talk or buzzwords in your ad copy or technical lingo on your landing pages. If this is the case it’s time to rework your marketing strategy. The best advertisements and landing pages present a clear, concise message about your products that encourage customers to click through.

A simple question to ask at the beginning of any marketing campaign is “what does your product do, and for whom?” then provide a simple call to action.

  1. Make Sure Your Products or Services Are Competitively Priced.

Where you are selling products online clearly communicate your unique selling points. This brings you back to research, make sure that your products or services are competitively priced. The chances are that visitors coming onto your website will be comparing you directly to your competitors. Ensure your website clearly communicates why your products or services are better than your competitors. This will help you convert visitors to customers.

Driving traffic to your site is the first step towards converting them into customers. Don’t lose them at this point, follow the steps above to improve your conversion rates. Is your website driving conversions? If not, contact us now at WebResults on 01-2071872 or visit our website and fill out a contact form to get more information or a FREE WEBSITE REVIEW at


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The Importance of Link Building

3 Key Factors of Link Building:


Link building is a task combined with creating good content. Within your content there should be links to certain areas of your website. If link-buildingyou are talking about web services in your content piece, why not promote your own web services with a link.

A key aspect of content creation is that if it’s good, then it will get shared and linked freely by those who liked it. This is where Social Media comes in helpful for sharing content easily with your audience. You can’t however rely solely on other people linking your content so here are the 3 key aspects of link building you should incorporate into your content;


1) Anchor Text:

The anchor text is the textual representation of a hyperlink, for example the anchor text for this link is “this link” with the hyperlink being “”. Anchor text is important because most major search engines use it to determine what keywords are relevant to a page. For example, if you want to rank for the term “coffee shop,” then you should try to get as many links as you can with “coffee shop” as the anchor text.


2) Authority of Linking Domain:

The ultimate goal in link building is to get as many inbound links to your site as possible. This is important for your SEO strategy as it shows search engines that your page is of importance and offers valuable content. The more inbound links you have, then the more likely you are to rank for a certain keyword.

Having a lot of inbound links is all well and good, but having inbound links from domains that have a high authority is even better. Having inbound links from sites with high authority such as The Irish Times, is much better than having links coming from your mate Dave’s blog.

You can check the authority of a page you wish to apply an inbound link on with tools such as


3) Focus your links on specific pages within the website:

When building links to your website, you should focus bringing the readers to a very specific page of your website, otherwise the link is pointless. If in your content piece you are talking about a new coffee bean which will blow both your mind and taste buds, then maybe you could place a link within this piece to a page on your website explaining the variety of coffee products you have in your cafe.

After a while you will begin to see which pages on your site are getting the most visits or showing up for searches, once you see which is doing the best, continue promoting them and building more links to have it climb the rankings.

If you have any enquiries about link building, or any other digital marketing services, then please contact us.

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What is Product Listing Advertising (PLA)

Product Listing Ads (PLA):


PLA is a pay per click (PPC) form of advertising. This form of advertising is carried out through Google’s Shopping Tool. Upon a relevant search query from a customer, Google will show up placed ads first. In this shopping tool, Google will include

“richer product information such as product image, price and merchant name” (Google 2013)



The  search to the right shows the results for the search “bicycle helmets”, where placed ads are shown first. The fact that these ads are paid for, is only revealed when you click on the link “why these products” which explains that these are placed ads, as highlighted in the image to the right.

 PLA is another form of PPC where the advertiser only pays Google after someone has actually clicked on their ad. The advertiser and Google will have agreed a set price for every click on their ad. The advertiser can also set a limit on how much they are willing to spend each day, ie:

Razor is willing to pay 50c for every click on the advert for their helmet. However they are only willing to spend €5 per day, so after 10 people click on their ad, the ad will be taken down until the next day. (There are options to choose when the ads are displayed or to spread the display over a period of time). They will also agree the amount of time the ad will run for, which can range anytime from hours to years.

Why use PLA?

 Cost effective advertising:

With PLA you are only paying for people who click through to your site, a concept which has high rate of return on investment (ROI). At Webresults, we can help you arrange a pricing plan for your proposed ad


Place high on the list:                            

With PLA you will appear high on the search results with people seeing your product first


PLA weans out lesser competitors:       

Google’s Shopping tool’s main appeal to customers is that it shows the best options first. Google users don’t have to thralls through pages to find what they want. Your products are seen at the top of their respective search      

When it comes to PLA, it pays to pay!


For more information and advice on PLA, contact us

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Vine’s Growth in Social Media Marketing



Vine’s Growth in Social Media Marketing:

Over the past couple of months, Vine has taken the social media world by storm. Vine is a by-product of Twitter which shows a six second piece of constant footage or a stream of Polaroid-like shots, all done through a smartphone. Vine is said to capture the “now” better than the likes of Instagram. Companies have been quick to notice Vine’s potential in marketing and here is a look at two organisations which have harnessed Vine’s ability.

Vine Case Study: Lowes

Lowes is an American based store which sell home appliances and offers advice and ideas for DIY and home improvement. Lowe’s where quick to use Vine to advertise their services. They created a series of 6 second Vines entitled #lowesfixinsix.

Their Vines where very practical and offered their followers handy everyday improvements or “Life Hacks”. An example of this would be a Vine they created showing the viewer how to get rust of a knife using lemon juice. The videos strike a perfect balance between brand promotion and usefulness whilst gaining very positive responses from their followers. Lowe’s have also had a large surge in new followers since they started releasing these Vines.

While six seconds is a very short time to explain a tip, Lowe’s where very creative in how they used the stop motion functionality of the Vine app and showed how easy their improvements could be. As a vine Video plays in a loop and is only 6 seconds long, it is easy for the viewer to watch the video repeatedly.

Watch Lowe’s Vine videos here

 Vine Case Study: ASOS

ASOS is a UK-based online-only retailer. Recent research showed that people preferred the in-store shopping experience in comparison to online shopping. The research showed that people preferred to go into the shop with friends and try on the product before buying. The concept of buying a product you only seen and having it arrive in a box didn’t seem quite so glamorous.

ASOS wanted to try and change the mindset and set about their #ASOSUnbox campaign through VIne. Their goal was to have ASOS customers post Vines of them opening their delivered products. The campaign gained a good response and evoked creative Vines from their customer whist getting people talking about ASOS as a whole.

This campaign enticed customers to post their Vines by offering prizes for the best videos. This put the creativity into the hands of the customer and Vine specialists, gaining a great response and in turn a lot of entertaining Vine’s where created for the brand.

Watch some of the entries here

What can Vine do for Your Company?

  • Show Your Personality:       

Vine is a great tool in adding more personality to your brand. It can be used to show behind the scenes of your company and interact with customers more on a human level.

  • Express Creativity:                

Vine provides an opportunity for both the brand and its customers to be creative, especially when done through the format of a competition where the best Vine’s can win prizes.

  • A lot of Retweets:                 

Vine videos are short and easy to share with top vine’s getting up to 45,000 retweets, resulting in high exposure of your brand.

For any tips and advice on using Vine, please contact us


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Social Media Marketing World Event April 7th – 9th, 2013

Social Media Marketing The Social Media Marketing event is one of the most important events of the year in digital media industry. Businesses will have the unique chance to network and get tips on new business strategies relating to social media from the biggest names and brands in the industry. Read the rest of this entry »

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Adding Secondary Dimensions To Your Google Analytics

Did you know that you can add more data to make you Google Analytics reports more useful? Find out how here to see how you can improve your analytics reports!

To read the full article, visit Adding Secondary Dimensions To Your Google Analytics.

For more information on Analytics and web marketing, contact us.  For more information on this topic, click here.

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3 SEO Musts

Are you struggling with your sites SEO and ranking?  Read our 3 musts of SEO now to see how you can improve your website and it’s search engine ranking!

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For more information on search engine optimisation and web marketing, contact us.  For more information on this topic, click here.

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