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Use the Google Traffic Estimator to boost you Adwords Campaign

Where most online marketeers make great use of the Google Keyword tool to find new keywords/phrases, they tend to forget about the Google traffic estimator. You should take a look at this tool before you make any decisions on which keywords/phrases you choose for your campaign.

The tool gives you an estimate of what the results you would achieve if you ran a campaign with a given set of keywords. It can be difficult to get your campaign started, but keep in mind the benefits of pay per click of advertising and keep going.

If you are a website owner, and are anxious that you remain on budget, this is a great tool. Although you cannot entirely rely on estimates to be extremely accurate, they offer those new to adwords campaign the confidence to go ahead with it.

I would advice you to use this tool along with the Keyword tool to create your campaign. Along with one other crucial element: A daily budget.

Google Adwords - Pay per click -

Setting a daily budget is easy, and it allows you to evolve your adwords campaign at your own pace. If the cost associated with the number of clicks on your ad on  a particular day exceeds that of your daily budget, your campaign will automatically end for that day.

In the short term, don’t worry about missing out on clicks when you reach your budget. It gives you the chance to analyse the success of the clicks you did get (bounce rates, time on site, sign-ups, sales etc. ), refine your ad copy, and overall refine your campaign and save yourself and your site money in the long term.

In my experience, new-comers to Adwords fail for two reasons:

1. They think their ad will not get clicked

2. They are afraid their ad will get clicked thousands of times and cost them big time

Use the Traffic Estimator and set a daily budget. You’ll then have the confidence to make your campaign a success for your site.

For more information on running pay per click campaigns, please click here.

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Leave a comment – Just Google it

I was actually searching for some unrelated information on former Irish international and Man City great ‘Terry Phelan‘ when i came across this video on YouTube about the possible return of the great man.

However, I had in fact stumbled upon Googles Search stories video creator. And thus, here is the fruit of a very productive 15 mins in the WebResults offices in UCD Nova…..

Its good fun, but could be used for business also. Create your own at

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Crystal swing some international clients for your business

So what could Crystal Swing have to do with international trade?

Crystal swing‘s recent foray into the US market is just another example of when the web, and social media in particular, acts as a communication tool to establish an overseas market.

This is a bit of fun really, but it still acts as a good example as to how a business could ‘test the waters’ online before committing capital to sales, marketing and production overseas. Now, i’m not saying if you release a YouTube Video on the in’s and out’s of textile manufacturing it will attain 532,936 views, but if it can achieve 1000 views, with feedback through comments, you could have gained clients as well as carried out your market research.

The people at the Ellen Degeneres show in the US got a hold of this clip and it was broadcast on St.Patrick’s Day this year. Honoring a vow she made to have the Cork trio appear on the show at that stage; they performed for up  to 4 million viewers this week live on her show.

Using this as a kind of odd case study for business expansion overseas, a simple pattern emerges:

  1. When you decide to provide a product or service abroad, test the market. Create great content around your service using video, photography, articles etc. to be posted on social media sites like YouTube and Facebook.
  2. Its not a case of sit back and wait for the Ellen to call you up: You can actively spread your content at the beginning, perhaps emailing a gathered list of prospective customers, or using sites like LinkedIn to create connections and spread the content.
  3. Invite users to submit feedback on the service and to join your company on these social networking sites

You can then make a better informed decision on your expansion, and save money. While creating great content and managing your initial web-marketing activities are not cheap, it still stands well behind the cost of a mismanaged and ill-informed move abroad.

It is vital to have in place a cohesive search engine optimisation, pay per click and Analytics plan when deciding to export. You need to make sure your site appears on search engines to create awareness. Also, when dipping your foot into another market, Analytics tools are critical to measure your results and plan from there.


As a proud Corkonian, I would like to say at this point that Crystal Swing, and the views held by the group in no way represent the people of Cork!

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Blogspot vs. WordPress

Recently here at WebResults, we set up the company blog on However, i have had experience with WordPress and it wasn’t long before i had successfully campaigned for a change in host. So why is WordPress better?

Maybe i didnt give blogspot a chance, but it lacks a number of useful attributes that are easily accessable through WordPress:blogger-vs-wordpress

  • Easy to setup new authors
  • Categorized blogging: Essential for usability of blog in my view
  • Branding your site. While blogger retains ownership of your site, you can easliy purchase transfer your wordpress to your own domain name.
  • Insert YouTube clips and other multimedia
  • Blog stats and view-counts
  • You can schedule posts
  • WP blogs have pages

These reasons and more made the decision to transfer from blogger to WP an essential one for WebResults. Here’s a quick video detailing how to Import blogs from your blogger account to WP.

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WebResults ‘connects’ with Connector Digital and Social Media Training

The WebResults team are always interested in ‘connecting ‘ with new ideas and techniques in the internet marketing field. I attended the Connector Digital and Social Media Training course yesterday. The course was given by Connector founder Conor Lynch, along with some great guest speakers.

Connector is interested in Connecting people online and offline. Connector organises popular networking events each month themed around an aspect of social media.

The training was hinged on the Connector 10 C’s. It was a concept that made creating a social media strategy for business a more accessible one. Conor detailed through case studies and theory how to run a successful campaign.

In addition to this, a number of great guest speakers were involved. Aaron Downes discussed creative development in social media. Thomas O’Duffy gave advice and answers to the participants on their social media presence and also discussed the importance of peer influence on trade. Greg Fry, a careers coach provided ten top tools to companies available online.

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Ways to Improve your PPC campaign

WebResults offers a Pay per click creation and management service specialising in Google Adwords. In our time running campaigns for clients, we have noticed a few crucial details that can make or break a campaign. When running your first Adwords campaign, you can be bombarded with tips and advice online. However, the 4 shorts tips below should be enough to ensure you make a successful start. Also included are links to free online tools that can make the most of your campaign.

pay per click ireland

Keyword Targeting

Ensure you make use of broad, exact and phrase matching when researching keywords. When searching for relevant keywords, use the Google keyword tool to see search terms relevant to you product or service. There are different strategies that can be used for targeting. Where one is starting out their first Google Adwords campaign, it is advised that they use broad terms to begin with. Then monitor with Google Analytics and refine keywords into exact matches and adapt ads to maximise conversions and minimise cost.

Split Test Ad copy

When you create your ads, be sure to test them against each other to see which ones are performing best. You can divert investment to better performing ads and increase roi.

Use negative keywords

There is always time for pessimism! In effect, using negative keywords (e.g. -cheap books), means that if a searcher types in this keyword, your ad will not appear on the list of search results. The example given is a good one, if you can identify search terms used, that are unlikely to reflect your customers search term: Use negative keywords.

Monitor Keyword conversions

At any time for a business (even more so in current times) the conversion/sale is the goal from online advertising. Using Google analytics, you can monitor the search term that the most conversions/sales originate from. In order to maximize conversions/sales this search term can be used in the title of ads to draw in more potential conversions.

Please view this great informational YouTube clip for more details on Adwords.

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Search engine optimisation Ireland

There has been a huge increase in demand for search engine optimisation services here in Ireland in recent months. Search engine optimisation (SEO) is well established abroad. In Ireland, it has been seen with a lower degree of importance relative to other forms of marketing. However, companies based here are becoming more aware of the importance of ranking highly for there specific keywords on search engines. Indeed, they are now viewing it as essential.

SEO IrelandEvidence for this can be seen in the new online marketing courses in Ireland. The Fitzwilliam Institute and the Digital institute both offer courses in online marketing, with emphasis placed on SEO. The demand for individuals coming out of these courses remains high despite the current economic climate in Ireland. Companies are looking to hire online marketing specialists in-house, and online marketing agencies are experiecing growth due to an increase in marketing spend on digital media in recent years.

So with increased education in the disipline, growing investment and employment, you may ask why? Why is it becoming so important? The answers are in the changing media comsumption habits here in Ireland.

  • over 70% of the irish population is now online
  • 80% of all online purchases begin with a search engine

Companies are realizing that they must have a presence online where customers are searching for their goods and services.

Certain companies are choosing to keep SEO and PPC activities in-house. They are using resources online to learn about various techniques. There are many articles and videos created by online marketing service providers that can be used for this purpose e.g. top ten tips on Seo.

Whether companies choose to carry out these activities in-house or they decide to out-source is an internal decision. However, there are external decisions are being made all the time by your customers regarding your product or service that makes the afore mentioned internal decision extremely important.

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