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Why Videos On Your Site Are Great For SEO

Did you know that rich content like videos can help your SEO? Read our article to find out how they can help and the benefits of videos to your customers!

To read the full article, visit Why Videos On Your Site Are Great For SEO.

For more information on website usability and web marketing, contact us.  For more information about this topic, click here.

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YouTube Advertising Benefits

YouTube is now averaging at one billion video views per day globally, in the UK alone there is 1.25 billion views each month! YouTube has become the second most popular search engine in the world after Google and it is estimated that there are 24hours worth of video uploaded every minute! Therefore, it is an obvious choice to promote your brand and products as the viewer base is both broad and diverse.

YouTube is a great way of merging the advantages of TV Advertising and education with the interactivity of the web. The focus is on informing, entertaining and educating and there are a variety of ways in which companies can use YouTube Advertising.

  1. Promote Content On Youtube – Promoted AdVideos, TrueView Video Ads, A Brand Channel
  2. Easy to Measure and Analyse – YouTube Analytics called ‘Insights’
  3. Choose Your Space – Partner Watch: advertise next to content partners, Video Targeting Tool: hand pick the videos you want to advertise against.

There are a number of different Advertising Formats available on YouTube to suit most businesses. Just look at how well it worked for Tipp ExAnyone else seen any other good ones?


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8 Comments – Just Google it

I was actually searching for some unrelated information on former Irish international and Man City great ‘Terry Phelan‘ when i came across this video on YouTube about the possible return of the great man.

However, I had in fact stumbled upon Googles Search stories video creator. And thus, here is the fruit of a very productive 15 mins in the WebResults offices in UCD Nova…..

Its good fun, but could be used for business also. Create your own at

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Crystal swing some international clients for your business

So what could Crystal Swing have to do with international trade?

Crystal swing‘s recent foray into the US market is just another example of when the web, and social media in particular, acts as a communication tool to establish an overseas market.

This is a bit of fun really, but it still acts as a good example as to how a business could ‘test the waters’ online before committing capital to sales, marketing and production overseas. Now, i’m not saying if you release a YouTube Video on the in’s and out’s of textile manufacturing it will attain 532,936 views, but if it can achieve 1000 views, with feedback through comments, you could have gained clients as well as carried out your market research.

The people at the Ellen Degeneres show in the US got a hold of this clip and it was broadcast on St.Patrick’s Day this year. Honoring a vow she made to have the Cork trio appear on the show at that stage; they performed for up  to 4 million viewers this week live on her show.

Using this as a kind of odd case study for business expansion overseas, a simple pattern emerges:

  1. When you decide to provide a product or service abroad, test the market. Create great content around your service using video, photography, articles etc. to be posted on social media sites like YouTube and Facebook.
  2. Its not a case of sit back and wait for the Ellen to call you up: You can actively spread your content at the beginning, perhaps emailing a gathered list of prospective customers, or using sites like LinkedIn to create connections and spread the content.
  3. Invite users to submit feedback on the service and to join your company on these social networking sites

You can then make a better informed decision on your expansion, and save money. While creating great content and managing your initial web-marketing activities are not cheap, it still stands well behind the cost of a mismanaged and ill-informed move abroad.

It is vital to have in place a cohesive search engine optimisation, pay per click and Analytics plan when deciding to export. You need to make sure your site appears on search engines to create awareness. Also, when dipping your foot into another market, Analytics tools are critical to measure your results and plan from there.


As a proud Corkonian, I would like to say at this point that Crystal Swing, and the views held by the group in no way represent the people of Cork!

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