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Keyword Research, SEO Vs PPC

Do you treat your SEO and PPC keyword research the same?  Read our article to find out why they’re different and why your keyword analysis should be carefully thought about.

To read the full article, visit Keyword Research, SEO Vs PPC.

For more information on SEO, PPC and web marketing, contact us.  For more information on this topic, click here.

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Facebook Releases Sponsored Search Results

Have you heard about Facebook’s latest advertising method? Facebook recently released their newest form of PPC advertising, for more information click here!

To read the full article, visit Facebook Releases Sponsored Search Results.

For more information on PPC, social media marketing and web marketing, contact us.  For more information on this topic, click here.

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Pay With a Tweet

Pay with a tweet or PWAT is a new business model designed to allow the sale of a product such as an e-book or music file in exchange for a Twitter Tweet or a Facebook Share. Created by German – American company Innovative Thunder, it allows you to share your knowledge in order to increase publicity for your brand. This can lead to a type of social contagion where your product will be shared by those who PWAT your product, giving you access to a greater number of social networks  (provided you provide quality content). Read the rest of this entry »


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Facebook Deals Launches Today!

Today Facebook launch Facebook Deals in five cities around the United States. The cities in question are San Francisco, Austin, Dallas, Atlanta and San Diego. Any user (within these test areas) can sign up for these local Deals notifications.

Each Deal will have its own Facebook Landing Page, where users can ‘Like’ a deal, share it, or buy it right away. When purchasing the deal, users can pay with credit card or quite interestingly will be given the option of using Facebook Credits, attempting to bridge the gap between virtual currency and real – world goods and services.

The direct competition would be the likes of GroupOn and City Deals. Should this be successful in these 5 test cities Facebook Deals will more than likely be rolled out nationally and even internationally. So, how could Facebook Deals benefit my business?

1) Acquire New Customers – Offering a deal can generate exposure for your brand / business and help reach new and existing customers. Give people a reason or incentive to stop by your business and make a purchase

2) Spread the Word – If your business or brand are offering a deal, word of mouth marketing online should in. People like to buy and save together so they will be sure to spread the word.

3) Build Loyalty – Focusing on building relationships with your most loyal customers. Loyal customers generate repeat business for you, and will also influence the purchase decision of those around them. Keep people coming back and re-discover what you have to offer.

These are just some of the benefits attributed to Facebook Deals, can you see Facebook Deals working for your business? Do you think they can compete with the likes of Groupon and City Deals? Let us know your thoughts!

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YouTube Advertising Benefits

YouTube is now averaging at one billion video views per day globally, in the UK alone there is 1.25 billion views each month! YouTube has become the second most popular search engine in the world after Google and it is estimated that there are 24hours worth of video uploaded every minute! Therefore, it is an obvious choice to promote your brand and products as the viewer base is both broad and diverse.

YouTube is a great way of merging the advantages of TV Advertising and education with the interactivity of the web. The focus is on informing, entertaining and educating and there are a variety of ways in which companies can use YouTube Advertising.

  1. Promote Content On Youtube – Promoted AdVideos, TrueView Video Ads, A Brand Channel
  2. Easy to Measure and Analyse – YouTube Analytics called ‘Insights’
  3. Choose Your Space – Partner Watch: advertise next to content partners, Video Targeting Tool: hand pick the videos you want to advertise against.

There are a number of different Advertising Formats available on YouTube to suit most businesses. Just look at how well it worked for Tipp ExAnyone else seen any other good ones?


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Twitter to launch Advertising Model

twitter promotional tweets

Twitter has announced it is launching an advertising platform called ‘Promotional Tweets’.  This service will allow advertisers to promote their tweets by selecting keywords similar to the Google AdWords model.  The selected tweets will then appear top on the search results on the twitter site.

Advertisers will pay on a cost per impression basis. Twitter believe that they will engage customers and trigger the right response through this advertising model.

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