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Conducting A PPC Audit In 5 Minutes

Do you monitor your PPC campaign on a regular basis?  Read our 5 minute PPC audit that could help your campaign thrive and see if there are any aspects of your PPC advertisement that you could improve.

To read the full article, visit Conducting A PPC Audit In 5 Minutes.

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PPC For Dummies



Are you confused about what Pay-Per-Click is? Are you considering entering into the world of paid internet advertising but do not fully understand how and why PPC works? Read more on PPC here to understand it and have your questions answered.

To read the full article, visit PPC For Dummies.

For more information on pay-per-click advertising and web marketing, contact us.  For more information on this topic, click here.

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Adwords Custom Alerts will become inactive soon

Google logoGoogle plan to discontinue the sending of Adwords Custom Alerts on the 30th of June. These were notifications that you could set up within Google Adwords to alert you whenever certain things happened within you Adwords campaigns; things that you would wish to act on in a certain way.

Google now feels these are no longer necessary. To find out why, read the full article on our website: Adwords Custom Alerts will become inactive soon.

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Changes to the Google Adwords Even-Rotation Setting

Google_logoChanges to how ads are displayed recently came into effect. Google decided to restrict the period of of time ads could remain on an even-rotation setting. After 30 Days ads within ad groups would be optimised, i.e. the better performing ads would automatically be displayed more often.

However, this caused uproar among advertisers who wanted to retain more control over their ads.

Read the full article on our website: Changes to the Google Adwords Even-Rotation Setting.

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Adwords – Tips on Improving Your Quality Score

Google Adwords Quality Score

Google Adwords Quality Score

Improving your Adwords quality score can improve your ads’ positions and reduce the cost per click. So it’s worth doing your keyword research properly and splitting your ads into different ad groups focusing on keywords, ensuring that the landing page is very relevant to the keywords.

Through split-testing your ads, over time you should, over time, be able to increase your quality score by making your ads as relevant as possible to the keywords you are targeting.

Read the full article for Adwords – Tips on Improving Your Quality Score on our website.

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What Can be Learned from SEO to Improve PPC Campaigns?

ppc-v-seoSearch marketers can learn a lot from SEO research. The most obvious lessons can be learned from reports done for organic search so as to get ideas for keywords to include that might not necessarily have been discovered through keyword research using keyword tools. It is worth noting though, that some of these keywords may be too general and too expensive use in PPC campaigns.

Read more on this topic on our website.

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Improving Exact Match and Phrase Match matches in Adwords

Google_logoSometimes it can be difficult to find a balance between using Broad Match keywords on your Adwords campaign – to generate more impressions in the hopes of getting clicks – and using phrase match or exact match in the hopes of reducing the number of clicks that don’t convert because the person was searching for something different.

However, using phrase match or exact match meant that you might miss clicks from people searching for exactly what you are offering, bu they have simply misspelled a word or used a slight variant of the word that still means the same thing.

Well, that is about to change. Read more about Google Adwords’ Phrase and Exact Match update.

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