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The Importance of Having a Direct call Option on Your Mobile Site:

The Importance of Having a Direct call Option on Your Mobile Site:

As you will have heard us mention, on many occasions before and today we are going to say it again, Mobile is the rapidly growing medium of choice for those accessing the internet. With more and more people owning smartphones, internet access is almost always available at the touch of a button. This is a trend your business needs to take notice of and you should always look to accommodate mobile user’s needs.

People using the internet on their phones are searching in a different context to those searching from their laptop. For example if a person is searching for a garage from their laptop then they will likely be at home browsing solutions to some car trouble they are having and are in no real panic.

If however a person is searching for a garage from their phone, there is a good chance that they are in need of assistance and are looking to contact this garage immediately. This user will not want to navigate their way through your site to find a number, and then have to try remembering it before they can enter it into their phone. On this garage’s mobile site, it should be made as easy as possible for the user by offering essential information such as location and the option to click to dial.

Call Button on a Mobile Website

Little things like this all add up to enhance visitors to your page which in turn strengthens their relationship with your brand. According to new Google/Ipsos research, having a simple ‘click to call’ button on your site increases click through rates and brand perception. Of the 3,000 people surveyed, 70% of them used the click to call button.

Every business needs to acknowledge mobile’s influence on the digital market and how there is an entire target market of mobile users that need to be approached differently to your traditional laptop and computer market.

If you have any questions on mobile marketing or mobile web design, please contact us at Webresults.


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7 Tips for Improving Your Mobile Website

7 Tips to Improve a Mobile Website


Mobile MarketingWith the use of mobile rapidly rising, it is important that your business stays up to date with the latest developments and harness mobile’s ability to attract new customers whilst keeping current customers satisfied. A major factor in the success of your mobile marketing plan is having a responsive mobile website. Here are some elements of a mobile website that you should include;

Keep Your Mobile Site Simple, Consistent and Easily Navigable

When it comes to a good mobile website, you must remember that the visitor is using a much smaller screen to that of a desktop.

Your page should be clearly laid out with large aoncise headings.

Have key information only, on your pages, as too much information can become distracting and frustrating for a user of a mobile device.

Prioritise the content that users need most, and clearly present the key information for each topic.

Don’t include too many form fields (no more than 6) and include options they can select rather than type if relevant

Provide an Easy Scroll Experience

Visitors to your mobile website do not want to have to “pinch and zoom” their way through the site.

The best way to avoid this is having large and clear information with a scroll down function.

As previously stated, keep the content simple and concise, the visitor doesn’t want to read copious amounts of information when on their mobile device. Less information will make the scrolling function neater and easier to use and also will focus you on keeping to the point when writing your content.

Keep the Font Size Legible and Large

Keep the writing large and easy to read, a 14 point font size would be ideal.

Avoid complicated, fancy writing such as ALGERIAN OR Bush Script M7. Stick to fonts such as Helvetica, Myriad Pro & Mayberry Pro.

Keep Your Text, Short and Sweet

Use short and snappy content to keep your visitor engaged.

Create memorable phrases that your audience can easily tweet out and repost.

Include some action buttons such as, “BUY NOW” “REGISTER” “ENTER” etc.

Let the Imagery Speak

In a visually tight space such as mobile, a well selected image can quickly sum up your message.

Try to blend your image in seamlessly with the both the background and text.  Avoid using harsh colours such as Neon Yellow which can make the screen difficult to look at.

Always remember to size your photos for web and compress them so your viewers will enjoy faster image loading time on the site.

Make Sure it Scales

There are over 500 different screen sizes for mobiles, making it a challenge to have a truly mobile optimised ubiquitous landing page.

Try the following to help scale your website;

  1.  Make sure your page scales to both landscape and portrait views.
  2. Avoid coding your mobile site in Flash or using Flash video if you can because it does not load on all devices (mainly iPad and iPhone).
  3. It’s recommended to create your mobile site in HTML 5 because it solves many problems associated with flash on mobile.

Make Interface Actions Easy

If you are a retail outlet such as a cafe or shop, make it easy for your customers to find your location. Include universal symbols for links such as email and Facebook so that visitors can quickly interact with your site.

Adding a mobile strategy to your overall marketing campaign can help you connect with your customers effectively and at times most relevant for them. Mobile marketing is a fast growing environment, and you get on board now and don’t miss out on its fantastic opportunities. If you have any questions regarding mobile marketing, and what it can do for your business, please contact us at Webresults.

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An Overview of Mobile’s Importance in Digital Marketing

Rise in Mobile: An Overview


Mobile is growing faster than any other technology before it. Smartphones are quickly developing with 47% Irish people currently owningMobile site one (Mediascope, 2013). Smartphones are the perfect medium for those wanting to access the web while on the go enabling people to always stay connected. Approximately 1.2 million Irish people go online using a mobile device (Mediascope 2013). This creates an ideal opportunity for marketers to attract those browsing the web on their phones through mobile marketing.

This means companies must make their websites mobile responsive so these potential customers can access your site through their phones. Those browsing on their phone do not want to have to pinch and grab their way through a site. On clicking through to a site on their mobile, they should be brought to a site which is fitted to suit the size of their screen. Once set up correctly this will be done automatically.

Google have also been quick to consider mobile devices when delivering search results. If Google is aware that a search is being conducted on a mobile device, then it filters search results to cater for those on the go. This is particularly effective for those with paid Google Adwords campaigns.

Tablets such as Ipads are also constantly growing in use with 12% of Irish people currently going online on a tablet device (Mediascope 2013). These devices are known to be used more frequently at home, particularly in the evening time for browsing the web.

This rise in mobile should also be considered when using email as a component of your marketing strategy. In research done by Litmus, they found that email opens on smartphones and tablets have increased 80% over the last six months. People who are opening emails on their phone are unlikely to download any image attachments which accompany emails. This means that your email campaign should aim to get its information across textually without relying on fancy imagery, as to accommodate your mobile audience.

Why use Mobile Marketing?

Reach a wider audience:

When using mobile marketing as a part of your marketing strategy, you can now reach a wider market of consumers who are constantly on the go. This is a very specific type of consumer, but also a vital type.

Stand out from the competition:

Mobile marketing is growing fast however a majority of sites are unresponsive to mobile; it would therefore be refreshing for a mobile consumer to come across your page which caters to their needs. A small improvement such as this can reflect well on your business.

Bridge the gap between Offline and Online:

Mobile marketing is unique in that consumers can instantly react to traditional advertising campaigns. If a person where to see a poster advert at a bus stop, by placing a QR code on that poster, then the customer can scan it and be taken directly to a specific area of your site.

If you have any enquiries about mobile marketing or any other digital marketing services, please contact us

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UX Factor Seminar

If you are looking for new insights on the latest webmarketing trends you might find some answers at the UX Factor seminar. This seminar is part of four half day conferences organised by the Irish Internet Association. The next one will take place in Dublin on the 10th April. The main subjects are design, mobile development, and user experience. This conference organised by experts in the field will allow you to learn more about how to make your website more effective and bring more conversions. See more information hereImage.

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Mastercard launches its digital wallet while Visa partners with Samsung. What changes does it involve for business ?

It is no longer a secret that there are great opportunities with mobile for business. Now, with Near Field Communication (NFC) technology customers will be able to pay, using devices equipped for that technology by bringing them close to each other, usually no more than 10cm apart. The launch of a digital wallet by MasterCard, and the partnership between Samsung and Visa announced at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, will make the use of mobile payment devices more accessible. What could this mean for your mobile marketing strategy ?

MasterPass, Mastercard’s digital wallet will not only make payment at the till easier, but also online payment by avoiding users having to input their credit or debit card details each time, which could have a considerable positive impact on m-commerce. MasterPass will also allow customers to scan a product barcode while it’s still in the store aisle and make the purchase within the store’s app.

Thanks to the partnership between Samsung and Visa, the leading smartphone on the market will be automatically equipped with the NFC payment app, Visa PayWave. This system will accelerate the availability of mobile payment around the world.

The development of m-commerce opens the door for great mobile marketing strategy.With every piece of information about your customers unified between the store, internet and the mobile, businesses may use this system to make the life of their customer’s easier, develop customised programs and personalise their offers.

Is your business ready for mobile ? Do you have a mobile site? Or do you want to develop a mobile marketing strategy ? For a free expert review of your mobile presence contact us now by email ( or by phone (01) 2071872

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5 Mobile Marketing Tips for 2013


Mobile siteThe importance of having a good mobile marketing presence is increasing every year, with 32% of internet users in Ireland going online via mobile in 2012 (amas, 2012). This figure is likely to increase again in 2013 so if you have not got a mobile marketing strategy in place yet, now could be the time to start.

Tip 1. Make sure your website is mobile responsive.

Tip 2. Market your business using mobile coupons.

Tip 3. Have a strong social media presence.

Tip 4. Make your mailshots mobile friendly.

Tip 5. Make sure the information mobile customers want, can be accessed easily and quickly.

Is your website mobile responsive? Are you unsure what the next steps are for you? We offer mobile marketing and mobile web design/development services. For a free expert review of your mobile presence contact us now by email ( or by phone (01) 2071872.

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Mobile Marketing and Social Media, Are You Onboard?

Mobile MarketingSmartphone sales are increasing every day, are you marketing online and on mobile? Do you know what mobile marketing can do for your business?

Mobile phones are everywhere. If you are in a public place you will no doubt see dozens of them. These people are not always on a call, but they may be on the internet. Find out more about Mobile Marketing and what it can do for your business by reading the full article!

To find out more about mobile marketing and web marketing, contact us. For more information on this topic, click here.


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