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What is Product Listing Advertising (PLA)

Product Listing Ads (PLA):


PLA is a pay per click (PPC) form of advertising. This form of advertising is carried out through Google’s Shopping Tool. Upon a relevant search query from a customer, Google will show up placed ads first. In this shopping tool, Google will include

“richer product information such as product image, price and merchant name” (Google 2013)



The  search to the right shows the results for the search “bicycle helmets”, where placed ads are shown first. The fact that these ads are paid for, is only revealed when you click on the link “why these products” which explains that these are placed ads, as highlighted in the image to the right.

 PLA is another form of PPC where the advertiser only pays Google after someone has actually clicked on their ad. The advertiser and Google will have agreed a set price for every click on their ad. The advertiser can also set a limit on how much they are willing to spend each day, ie:

Razor is willing to pay 50c for every click on the advert for their helmet. However they are only willing to spend €5 per day, so after 10 people click on their ad, the ad will be taken down until the next day. (There are options to choose when the ads are displayed or to spread the display over a period of time). They will also agree the amount of time the ad will run for, which can range anytime from hours to years.

Why use PLA?

 Cost effective advertising:

With PLA you are only paying for people who click through to your site, a concept which has high rate of return on investment (ROI). At Webresults, we can help you arrange a pricing plan for your proposed ad


Place high on the list:                            

With PLA you will appear high on the search results with people seeing your product first


PLA weans out lesser competitors:       

Google’s Shopping tool’s main appeal to customers is that it shows the best options first. Google users don’t have to thralls through pages to find what they want. Your products are seen at the top of their respective search      

When it comes to PLA, it pays to pay!


For more information and advice on PLA, contact us


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The Benefits of Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing:

 Affiliate marketing is a commission based agreement between 2 sites where one site rewards another for promoting their

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

products/services. The publishing site (the site promoting the products/services on behalf of the other, is only paid when a customer clicks on the direct link between the two sites or when a conversion occurs. The host site essentially acts as a “sales rep” for your product, who only gets paid on commission (Whatever the commission is, that is agreed between the parties!)

Affiliate marketing works best when the two sites are related in some way and have a similar customer base. An example of this would be Hertz car hire having an affiliation with Aer Lingus. Aer Lingus customers will be flying to another destination so they may need a car when they arrive. This provides Hertz with the perfect opportunity to gain a new customer by placing an advert for their car hire on the Aer Lingus site.  Hertz will only then pay for the advert after the customer clicks on that advert/makes a booking. This is a clever and effective form of PPC.

The link left by the advertiser on the host site should lead directly to a call of action such as Buy Now or Call Now for a better return on investment (ROI). One of the most successful forms of affiliate programmes is when a special offer is involved and immediately catches the eye of the potential customer.

Affiliate marketing falls within the Action category of the 4 steps involved in a customer transaction (Attention – Interest – Desire – Action). This means that if the potential customer has clicked on the link then they are already interested in purchasing your product or service. When  correctly executed Affiliate marketing can increase your *conversion optimisation and reduce your *bounce rate.

 *Conversion Optimisation      –         Converting a visitor to your website into a transaction

*Bounce Rate                                –          Where a visitor to your website leaves without clicking, giving                                                                                                                                                          information or making a transaction


Why Use Affiliate Marketing?

 Approach a Select Customer Base:       

If you choose the right affiliate site you will instantly tap into a client base similar to yours. At Webresults, we can help you set up and manage your affiliate programme, ensuring that you choose the right affiliates to gain optimum results for your business


Cost Effective Advertising:                    

With affiliate marketing you only pay for performance, so only once the visitor has taken an action, as agreed with publisher. This system is known to have a high ROI.

 24 Hour Sales Rep:                                  

With an affiliate programme, your product is being advertised 24/7 with no other input needed once it is set up.

 Association With Larger Brand:

Having your product advertised on a large reputable affiliate site can have your seen in a higher regard by customers


For more information and advice on Affiliate Marketing, contact us at:

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Enhanced Campaigns have arrived

PPCEnhanced campaigns are finally here and it is time to start taking advantage of some of the new features. As we mentioned on Friday today is the day that your Google Adwords PPC advertising will be automatically moved over to enhanced campaigns if you have not already moved it.

The switch over to enhanced campaigns brings with it some great new features. There are new bidding options. Before you would have had to set up new adgroups and even new campaigns to target different devices and different geographic regions. With the enhanced campaigns you can target different devices from the one campaign and adjust their bids accordingly and minimise spend where bids may for example be less competitive on mobile.

You can also adjust bids for certain areas of your targeted geographic region, you may have a campaign for Ireland, but you want to increase your bids for searches in Dublin as it may be more competitive. Also, if you had noticed that more clicks on a Wednesday convert than any other day you can increase the bids for Wednesdays to ensure your ad appears in the highest position possible on Wednesdays.

There are also more reporting tools available in enhanced campaigns, one of which allows you to measure the number of calls from mobile campaigns.

At we offer a wide range of web marketing services including set up and management of your PPC advertising.

We can help your business manage the move over to enhanced campaigns to ensure you are not wasting budget on irrelevant clicks and that you are making the most out of the new features in enhanced campaigns. Contact us on (01) 208 1872 or email us at for more information.

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Final call for enhanced campaigns

PPC AdvertsingThis coming Monday July 22nd is the date when all adwords campaigns will switch over to “enhanced campaigns”. Google announced the change back in February saying that any campaigns not already changed over will be moved over by them.

Enhanced campaigns bring many new features to PPC advertising on the adwords platform including new bidding features across all devices. When you first switch over it seems you are required to target mobile devices but you can adjust the bid to -100% of your bids for your desktop/laptop campaign, which basically turns it off.  You can also place higher or lower bids for tablets and mobiles as it may be more or less competitive on a different device.  It even gives you the ability to bid higher when showing your ad on mobile devices to users who are within a certain distance of your business. Other new features include optimising your ads for varying user contexts – ability to show the right sitelink, app or extension based on the context of the potential customer and the device they’re using. There are also new advanced reports available in enhanced campaigns such as the ability to track new conversion types.

Google strongly advises businesses using adwords PPC advertising to make the switch to enhanced campaigns themselves rather than it being automatically switched over.  Otherwise, if you don’t manage the switch over yourself, you may show in results for mobile even though you previously had mobile targeting turned off as your site is not mobile friendly.

Our advice is to ensure that you do make the switch over before Monday and put some time into setting up your enhanced campaign and take advantage of the new features. You will otherwise waste valuable budget, paying for irrelevant clicks.

At we set up and manage Google Adwords campaigns. We can move your PPC Advertising campaign for you and ensure you are getting the most from your advertising budget. Contact us now to find out more. offers a wide range of web marketing services. We identify which activities will drive the best results for your business based on your business objectives and your target market. Whether it is a PPC advertising campaign, Social media activities or SEO Services, contact us now for a free consultation and we will get the web generating sales for your business – (01) 207 1872 or email

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Keyword Research, SEO Vs PPC

Do you treat your SEO and PPC keyword research the same?  Read our article to find out why they’re different and why your keyword analysis should be carefully thought about.

To read the full article, visit Keyword Research, SEO Vs PPC.

For more information on SEO, PPC and web marketing, contact us.  For more information on this topic, click here.

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2 Simple Tips for PPC

Read more about the changes that Google have made to their search results pages that may make you want to invest in PPC advertising and rethink your organic advertising campaigns!

For the full article, visit 2 Simple Tips for PPC.

For more information on PPC and web marketing, contact us.  To read more on this topic, click here.

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Facebook Releases Sponsored Search Results

Have you heard about Facebook’s latest advertising method? Facebook recently released their newest form of PPC advertising, for more information click here!

To read the full article, visit Facebook Releases Sponsored Search Results.

For more information on PPC, social media marketing and web marketing, contact us.  For more information on this topic, click here.

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