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5 Essentials of PPC

Is your PPC marketing not going as well as you would have hoped?  Read on for our 5 essentials of PPC to get a greater understanding of where you might be falling short and see how you could improve your PPC campaign.

To read the full article, visit 5 Essentials of PPC.

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PPC and Your Competitors

PPC | Pay Per Click AdvertisingEver wondered what you competitors are doing on their PPC campaigns? Read our article on PPC and Your Competitors to find some quick and easy ways to get more information about their keywords and more.

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9 Questions to Ask Before Entering Into A PPC Campaign

Are you entering the world of PPC?  Have one or two final questions before you click the Okay button on your campaign?  Read our article on PPC FAQ’s to see if we can answer your questions!

To read the full article, visit 9 Questions to Ask Before Entering Into A PPC Campaign.

For more information on PPC and web marketing, contact us.  For more information on this topic, click here.

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Can Your PPC Campaign Change Your Organic Rankings?

Have you ever wondered if your pay per click campaign is pinching traffic from your organic search engine listings?  Chief Economist at Google Dr. Hal Varian and his team recently released a set of results which web marketers the world over have been struggling over for some time, “Why pay for advertising for terms associated with our brand when we already rank on Googles first page?”

Well thanks to Google we now have an answer. Google have stated they believe there is value to be gained by paying for a click that you may be ranking well for organically. Read our full article here to find out what effect your PPC campaign is having on your organic listings.

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Why use Conversion Tracking?

conversion trackingconversion occurs when a click on your ad leads directly to user behavior that you deem to be valuable, this can include a sales, a newsletter sign up, a query request or even a website page view. Google has developed a conversion tracking tool to measure these conversions which ultimately will help you identify your advertising success.

Having access to conversion data allows you to make smarter online advertising decisions. For example, conversion reports can help you identify which ads and keywords work best for you. Therefore, you can remove ineffective ads or keywords and focus your budget on ones are resulting in conversions.

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PPC Ad Copy Tip – Include Promotional Offers

PPC Tips & AdviceThere are millions of people using search engines everyday and every one of those individuals is bombarded with PPC ads, organic search listings and display ads. The ad copy on your PPC ads is what can cause some one to click your ad over another. Therefore, this demonstrates the importance of writing effective ad copy that is compelling.  One tactic to encourage click through is to include promotional offers and calls-to-action in your ad copy.

Some example of promotional offers include:

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AdWords Adds Top vs. Side

Google AdWords new featureTo help AdWords users get more accurate feedback on how their ads are performing, Google announced on Wednesday 13the July that you can now choose “Top vs. Side” as a reporting segmentation option within AdWords. This new data table option contrasts the statistics for ads appearing on the top of search with those appearing on the side.

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