AdWords Editor Update – Version 9.0

AdWords Editor Version 9.0

Last week Google announced the release of AdWords Editor Version 9.0 which contains both improvements to functionality as well as additional feature. All of which will help improve efficiency when managing you AdWords account. Here at we are finding these updates very effective and they havePrevious AdWords Editor problems and new updates:

  • Problem:Having to edit excel sheet to match AdWords Editor –Solution: Columns can now be uploaded in any order once the appropriate header are in place and data can now be imported directly so no need for copy and paste.
  • Problem: Difficulty finding and viewing negative keywords , placements or audiences – Solution: Now more easily locate and manage, instead of viewing this information within the Negatives tab, you now switch between displaying negative or positive keywords, placements, or audiences by clicking the Positives or Negatives switch on each item’s respective tab. You’ll also be able to select duplicate negatives with a single button.
  • Problem: Difficulty managing multiple accounts – Solution: AdWords Editor now offers sort and search for accounts, select and remove multiple accounts, and a new dropdown menu that displays recently accessed accounts, so that you can quickly switch from one to another.

New features of AdWords Editor:

  • Version 9.0 now fully supports AdSitelinks. You can download Sitelinks data to your accounts in AdWords Editor, and you can import this information via numerous formats (CSV, XML or HTML file).
  • You can also target mobile devices at campaign level, this makes editing this information more manageable in conjunction with other changes.

You can download the new AdWords Editor Version 9.0 from the AdWords Editor site. If you would like to learn more about the new Version 9.0 visit Google AdWords Editor support site.

Where do you think there is still areas for improvement for AdWords Editor?


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