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Why Businesses need to Listen to What is said on Social Media

The Importance of Social Listening:


Facebook TipsSocial media provides businesses with a great opportunity to connect with customers and hear what they have to say about your brand. This is all well and good; however some companies fail to actually listen to what their customers have to say. If you are going to give your customers an open forum for them to express their thoughts on your brand, then you need to monitor the conversation.



Listening to Complaints:

If people are voicing their dislike for a current product, or their dissatisfaction with the customer service they received, then you need to address this and resolve the situation quickly. There is no point in merely deleting negative posts, this angers customers and only adds fuel to the flame. Think of who posted the negative comment as an angry customer causing a fuss in a shop, however this time they can be heard by potentially thousands of people.

Negative posts on social media have a distinct way of gaining traction online. One negative post can have a domino effect, causing a string of negative posts based on previous incidents. A customer who has poor previous experience with a brand may see a post criticising this brand and this may entice them to post about their bad experience with the brand. To stop this effect it is important to respond to complaints quickly and respectively, but don’t aggravate the situation!

Listening to What Your Customers Want:

 When making changes to products or services, it is good to keep the customer in mind. Social media can be a great tool for testing some new ideas. This can be done in a friendly and casual way like ‘any suggestions for what flavour our new ice cream should be?’ Posts like this can start the conversation with your customers whilst giving you an insight as to what they actually want in comparison to what you think they want.

A great example of a company who listened to their social media fans is Cadbury. In 2003 they took their much loved Wispa bar of the shelves. However by 2007 the bar had gained quite a cult status by those who remembered the bar fondly. This brought about various social media campaigns including a Facebook campaign entitled ‘Bring Back Wispa’. This group gained a large following and eventually Cadbury listened and jumped on the band wagon, which led to a hugely successful re-launch.


Listening to what your customers have to say is vital to developing strong relationships with your customers. Through social media customers can be heard by many, so it is important that you hear them also.

Listening to what your customers have to say is not only an action which is of benefit to them, more importantly it is a benefit to your business. Through listening to what they have to say, your business can gain great insights as to what your customers think about your products and services. Listening to your customers through social media can also lead to product innovation as no one knows what your customer wants more than your actual customer.

At Webresults we offer a wide range of digital marketing services including the management of social media pages. For more information on how we can help your business get the most out of social media please contact us.

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How Facebook’s Edgerank Algorithm can Help Your Business

Facebook TipsFacebook’s Updated Edgerank formula:


Facebook have been using variations of the Edgerank algorithm to determine what posts each of its users want to see at any given time. Facebook have been improving their Edgerank formula for quite some time now. The old formula used to involve three variables;

  • Affinity Score
  • Weight
  • Time

Affinity Score: The affinity score of a post is measured by looking at explicit actions that users take, such as the strength of the action, how close the person who took the action was to you and how long ago they took the action.

Weight: Every action carried out on Facebook creates an edge, where each edge creates a potential story. Each category of edges has a pre-determined weight. (However. clicks do not create an edge).

Time: As a story gets older, it loses relevancy and drops points on Edgerank’s running score.

When a user logs into Facebook, their newsfeed is filled with posts that have the highest Edgerank score at that moment in time.

Facebook’s new formula however claims to take in over 100,000 different factors when determining the rank of a post. However, all these factors will still come through the 3 core categories of Affinity, Weight and Time.

Facebook have recently announced their “story bumping” update which will raise stories they feel are of major relevance to a particular user, despite its time decay.

In updating this new formula, Facebook surveyed their users to get a better understanding of what they want to see. They showed examples of posts to users accompanied by questions such as;

  • Is this timely and relevant content?
  • Is this content from a source you would trust?
  • Would you share it with friends or recommend it to others?
  • Is the content genuinely interesting to you or is it trying to gain News Feed distribution? (e.g. asking for people to like the content)
  • Would you call this a low quality post or meme?
  • Would you complain about seeing this content in your News Feed?

With a basic understanding of how Edgerank works, businesses can better plan what kind of content to post and when to post it.

Taking the example of a small café, looking to get your message across through Facebook. You need to consider these Edgerank factors when creating your post. Affinity score and time are the two factors which you can have an impact on and are somewhat easier to manipulate.

Consider your Affinity score by acknowledging those who frequently interact with your posts. Write posts that would appeal to them as they are the people most likely to like and share your post. Having your post liked and shared boosts the amount of people who see the post.

Take the timing of your post into consideration when posting an item on Facebook. If your small cafe is posting a status about how your delicious double espresso is the ideal way to start your day, then don’t post it at 8pm when nobody is thinking about coffee and the long morning that awaits them! Post statuses when people are open to your brand (In this case; the morning), this will gain more likes and shares to boost your post’s viewers.

If you have any questions regarding Edgerank or any other Facebook function, please contact us.

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How to use Facebook to build customer loyalty

45% of internet users regularly consult pages of businesses on social media. 54% of people under 35 admit to being attached to brand content on social media. Using Facebook for business is a great way to be more visible and bond with your customers. Facebook can help you increase your customers’ loyalty by generating interaction.

How can you get more likes, shares and comments ? There are certain techniques and formats that will make your business Facebook page more effective. This will allow your business to grow, as your content will be more relevant and encourage people to share.

Here a few examples of how you can use Facebook for business.

  • Post at the right time. When are your targets on Facebook?
  • Be compelling and straight to the point. Don’t waffle or use language that will confuse the reader.
  • Add pictures, they generate more interactions than other formats.
  • Ask questions to get more comments. Make them even more prominent by putting them at the end of your post.
  • Put strong calls to action. The most efficient ones are : like, share, caption this, yes or no, thumbs up.
  • Don’t post too frequently. Brands that publish once or twice a day get 19% higher interactions on their posts than those who publish more than three times a day. Post 7 times per week or less and you will get 25% higher interactions.

Find out how to manage Facebook effectively for your business or how to set up an effective social media campaign for your business through the our customised training programmes or through our Web Mentor Programme at Call our team now on (01) 207 1872 or email us at

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A Guide to Making Facebook Marketing Work for Your Business

Facebook LogoAre you getting the most out of Facebook for your business? Is Facebook driving business to your website? For more information read this article on Facebook marketing. Forrester have put together a guide to Facebook Marketing which you can download free of charge.

Read more about successful Facebook marketing on our website: A Guide to Making Facebook Marketing Work for Your Business

For more information about our Social Media Management Services, call us on 01-2071872 or contact us.

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5 Ways to Increase your Facebook Fans

increase facebook fans, facebook tips, company facebook, facebook for businessHave you recently set up a Facebook page for your business? The first step to building your Facebook profile is to have a schedule whereby you are going to post relevant content regularly, the next step is increasing facebook fans. There are many approaches to promote your business Facebook page and actively increase your fans.

  1.  Facebook Widgets
  2. Invite your ezine / newsletter subscribers
  3. Add to your email signature
  4. Get fans to tag photos
  5. Link to Twitter

To find out more information on these Facebook tips & how to increase Facebook fans read the full article here

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How to create a Company Facebook Page

facebook pages, facebook for business, company facebook So you have decided that you need to get on Facebook and reach your target audience. Well done on getting this far. Here are some figures to let you know that you are making the right decision.

  • 84.2% of all Irish Internet users used social networks in December 2010.
  • The average Irish person spends 18 hours and 7 minutes online each month (Comscore)
  • 77% of all Irish internet users use Facebook (Comscore)
  • 90% of those aged 15 – 24 years use Facebook, and two thirds of those use it every day. (Ipsos MRBI)

So you have the info. Getting on Facebook is an important tool for any business or organisation that wants to interact with people. Your audience is already there. They use the service daily and for hours at a time. Now it’s your turn to get involved and interact with your community. Read the rest of this entry »

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Online Facebook Success Summit 2011

Facebook Success Summit 2011, Facebook Marketing, Facebook SuccessDiscover how to quickly attract quality customers, build loyal fans and grow your revenue with Facebook. Social Media Examiner Presents Web’s Largest Fully Online Facebook Marketing Conference. Nineteen of the world’s most respected Facebook experts have come together to share their strategies. They’ll reveal all the latest techniques and proven business-building tactics you need to know to immediately benefit from Facebook.

If you, like so many, find yourself confused by all that Facebook has to offer, now’s your chance to achieve Facebook marketing success. This fully online conference starts Wednesday, October 5, and runs through October 25. It’s comfortably spread over four weeks (and recorded for later playback) to accommodate your schedule. There’s no travel! You simply attend from the comfort of your home or office.

Event Highlights:

Read the rest of this entry »

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