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Getting Past the Penguin Update

Google_Penguin_UpdateThe Penguin update has been live for a whole month since yesterday and many search executives are still asking what to do to overcome the update. This update occurred because Google wanted to let businesses know how important SEO will be in the future and what activities they shouldn’t be implementing.

Google are advocating relevance to constantly improve the quality of their search results and expect all website owners to adjust their content and SEO practices accordingly. For businesses that haven’t yet made a change but have felt a change on their website there are measures that you can employ to overcome the Penguin update.

We have outlined the issues that search marketers may be facing as a result of Penguin and outline the necessary tools to regain any losses you may have experienced on the search engines.

Read our full article to see how these measures can help get your rankings back on track.


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10 Ways To Improve Your Site Content

Google Web Crawlers

When writing content for your website it can be difficult to keep your information relevant. Getting the balance right between keyword enriched content for a high index and providing quality information for your user is a difficult task.  As after all these are two very different audiences who process information in different ways.

The only solution is writing content that keeps both the visitor and search engine interested.  By writing SEO-friendly content you can lead people to your site, and by writing content that is relevant for potential visitors you can encourage them to stay there. Read our full article to find out how you can implement a 10 step strategy that will allow you to create search engine friendly content.

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Link Building Campaigns for SEO purposes

Link building is an essential aspect of SEO. Engaging in link building helps obtain high level organic ranking on search engines for you website. Google no longer prioritise websites solely on the use of keywords on a website, they also take into consideration ‘off page’ activities when determining where a website ranks. Link building is a particularly crucial tool if you want to increase your off page activities. The logic of this being that Google determine the reliability of your website on the basis of how many other sites want to be linked to your site.

5 Tips for link building:

  1. Engage in sufficient research to ensure quality link
  2. Ensure the links you are using are of relevant, interesting and recent information
  3. Make sure links are placed on relevant pages of your website
  4. Do not over load pages with outgoing links
  5. Link building is a continuous process in order to attract traffic

Click through for full article

For more information Contact

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Improve your website optimisation: 5 top SEO tips

Search Engine Optimisation is all about improving the visibility of your website within the ‘Organic’ Search Engines.  Website Optimisation is essential if you want to perform well in the Organic Searches on search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. have outlined 5 SEO tips to help you on your path to Website Optimisation in order to strengthen your web presence and in turn increase traffic and conversions.

1) Use keywords wisely

2) Always use Meta Data on every webpage

3) Engage in Link Building

4) Use friendly URL’s

5) Use Alt tags on all images

Read more on how to improve your Search Engine Optimisation

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What Do Search Engines Really Want From Websites?

Almost 80 % of the traffic a website receives comes through the search engines. In order to keep driving targeted traffic, it is critical to be ranked high with the search engines for the search terms that are relevant to your business and this happens with keeping your focus on building content and optimising your pages. It is equally important to undestand the criteria search engines use to rank websites. Following the search engine guidelines will help you gain rankings for your relevant search terms and thus help ensure relevant traffic flows in, thereby increasing conversion rates.

Here is what a search engine looks for while ranking a website:
•Relevance to search
•Inbound links
When a visitor types in a search term in a search engine, the search engine immediately finds and displays the websites that contain the information related to the keywords in the order of relevance. Since search engines are machines, they need a specific method by which to display the search results in a particular order by relevance. This is what we call ranking. The search engine decides the importance of a website based on certain algorithms, which judge the websites, giving them points – so the more points a website gets, the higher its ranking. These are the factors for ranking:
•How often the keyword or key phrase appears in the website content, meta tags, page titles, hyperlinks, inbound links, etc. If the keyword density exceeds the search engine’s limit, then it ignores your site. This is why keyword stuffing is never recommended.
•How many relevant inbound links appear on your site? Inbound links are seen as an endorsement of your sites relevance for the keyword. Here, an important thing is the quality of the inbound links. The sites from where the inbound links come must be sites that have a high ranking with the search engines.
•How often you have fresh content on your site makes a big difference to the search engines. Steady change in relevant keyword rich content makes the search engine rank you higher.
•Other relevant issues that search engines look for relate to site navigation, content management, interaction, hosting, Flash, Javascript, sitemaps, etc.
A good way to keep track of how well your site is doing is to constantly monitor it, so that the necessary changes can be made. One way to do this is to keep up to date with what is happening at the search engines via forums and ongoing discussions. Other than that, if you happen to be launching a new website or even revamping your old one, make keyword research a continuous process. You site must be optimised for the keywords that your niche market will use to reach your website. Keyword position also makes a big impact. Your content must be structured in a way that will appeal to your target market and regularly updated.

Developing back links or link building with sites that are relevant and popular is another crucial activity. There are many ways like article marketing, blogs, forums, etc. to do this.

Getting ranked high by search engines might seem intimidating, but it is only a matter of a few simple steps and patience. As always, unique content rules, along with what your peers think of you. carries out audits to determine how visible your website is to the search engines. We also offer a range of other services to build your websites web presence.

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Slower=Lower. Google announces the site speed is critical to ranking

Google announced the other day that site speed is a factor in the search engine ranking of sites. So all other things being equal, a faster site will rank higher than a slower one. This is important to note in terms of search engine optimisation for your site.

While we encourage creating a visually stimulating site, keep in mind when using flash and other platforms that this can slow your site down.


Also keep in mind users without broadband. I know, its hard to imagine, but there is still large sections of Ireland with ye auld dial up! 3, the company responsible for rolling out broadband to these remaining parts of the country, is only required to provide speeds at the lower level of broadband capability so, flash based-sites may be slow at these speeds also and discourage users.

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Search engine optimisation Ireland

There has been a huge increase in demand for search engine optimisation services here in Ireland in recent months. Search engine optimisation (SEO) is well established abroad. In Ireland, it has been seen with a lower degree of importance relative to other forms of marketing. However, companies based here are becoming more aware of the importance of ranking highly for there specific keywords on search engines. Indeed, they are now viewing it as essential.

SEO IrelandEvidence for this can be seen in the new online marketing courses in Ireland. The Fitzwilliam Institute and the Digital institute both offer courses in online marketing, with emphasis placed on SEO. The demand for individuals coming out of these courses remains high despite the current economic climate in Ireland. Companies are looking to hire online marketing specialists in-house, and online marketing agencies are experiecing growth due to an increase in marketing spend on digital media in recent years.

So with increased education in the disipline, growing investment and employment, you may ask why? Why is it becoming so important? The answers are in the changing media comsumption habits here in Ireland.

  • over 70% of the irish population is now online
  • 80% of all online purchases begin with a search engine

Companies are realizing that they must have a presence online where customers are searching for their goods and services.

Certain companies are choosing to keep SEO and PPC activities in-house. They are using resources online to learn about various techniques. There are many articles and videos created by online marketing service providers that can be used for this purpose e.g. top ten tips on Seo.

Whether companies choose to carry out these activities in-house or they decide to out-source is an internal decision. However, there are external decisions are being made all the time by your customers regarding your product or service that makes the afore mentioned internal decision extremely important.

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