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Improving Exact Match and Phrase Match matches in Adwords

Google_logoSometimes it can be difficult to find a balance between using Broad Match keywords on your Adwords campaign – to generate more impressions in the hopes of getting clicks – and using phrase match or exact match in the hopes of reducing the number of clicks that don’t convert because the person was searching for something different.

However, using phrase match or exact match meant that you might miss clicks from people searching for exactly what you are offering, bu they have simply misspelled a word or used a slight variant of the word that still means the same thing.

Well, that is about to change. Read more about Google Adwords’ Phrase and Exact Match update.

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Effect of PPC Ads on Organic Traffic

Google logo

Google conducted a study in to the effect of PPC ads on organic search clicks to analyse whether it was worthwhile paying for PPC if you already rank well for your main keywords.

To read more about this read our article on thEffect of PPC Ads on Organic Traffic.


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Market Samurai – Adwords Tool – How much to bid for PPC campaigns – and the CPC tools that will help you

Market Samurai CPC Tool

Market Samurai CPC Tool

Calculating the ideal cost per click or CPC to bid for a PPC Google Adwords Campaign can be complex, but there are tools that can help you, like Market Samurai. Not everyone who clicks on your ad will convert to a sale, and this is where the complex calculations come in. But Market Samurai can help you find keywords that not only have a high traffic, high click through and a cost per click that you can afford, but it also shows you the commerciality of the keywords.

For more info on the commerciality of keywords read our article on the  Market Samurai Adwords Tool.

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