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Back to School With Your PPC Campaign

PPC campaigns need constant monitoring and refreshing, check out our “back to school” PPC tips for advice and help on your PPC campaign and its ROI.

To read the full article, visit Back to School With Your PPC Campaign.

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5 Essentials of PPC

Is your PPC marketing not going as well as you would have hoped?  Read on for our 5 essentials of PPC to get a greater understanding of where you might be falling short and see how you could improve your PPC campaign.

To read the full article, visit 5 Essentials of PPC.

If you need any information or assistance with PPC and web marketing, contact us.  For more information on this topic, click here.

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Can Your PPC Campaign Change Your Organic Rankings?

Have you ever wondered if your pay per click campaign is pinching traffic from your organic search engine listings?  Chief Economist at Google Dr. Hal Varian and his team recently released a set of results which web marketers the world over have been struggling over for some time, “Why pay for advertising for terms associated with our brand when we already rank on Googles first page?”

Well thanks to Google we now have an answer. Google have stated they believe there is value to be gained by paying for a click that you may be ranking well for organically. Read our full article here to find out what effect your PPC campaign is having on your organic listings.

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Google Adwords – Costly unless effectively managed

Google Adwords ogoGoogle Adwords can be a costly form of advertising unless your PPC Campaign is correctly managed! Angel Investment Network found that the keyword Insurance was the most expensive word in Pay Per Click advertising via Google Adwords, demanding $54.91 CPC. So how does this affect your business? Cost effective PPC advertising relies on bidding an amount you can afford on keywords that will attract the right customers, i.e. visitors that will convert to actual sales. A well managed campaign, on the other hand can be a very cost effective way to attract customers.

To find out more about this  read the full article on cost-effective management of Google Adwords Pay Per Click Campaigns.

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