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Google’s New Keyword Planner: Positives & Negatives

Google Keyword Planner


The once useful and efficient Google Keyword tool is no longer in use. It has now been reincarnated as Google Keyword Planner. This has earned a mixed response from its users, and there are both positives and negatives to be found with this new Keyword Planner application.

The Keyword Planner function is a combination of the Keyword Tool and the Traffic Estimator, which aims to give you results for both through one platform. Here is a breakdown of the positives and negatives of this new Keyword Planner.




Positives of Keyword Planner:

  • A major development in the Keyword Planner is its ability to provide the volume of a keyword search at a city level, which enables organisations to segment their audience to specific geographic locations for optimum results.
  • Users can now upload up to 10,000 keywords from their own list to get performance data.
  • The Keyword Planner also allows users to categorise results by ad group, landing page, among others.


Negatives of Keyword Planner:

To use the Keyword Planner, users must now login to a registered AdWords account.

The Keyword Planner doesn’t offer the following;

  • Match type data for search volume.
  • Global vs. Local monthly searches.
  • Device targeting.

Are you having problems with the new Keyword Planner?

At WebResults, we have a team of Adwords experts who know how to best use the Keyword Planner tool for optimum results. Please contact us, and we can help you set up an effective Adwords campaign, among our many other services.


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Back to School With Your PPC Campaign

PPC campaigns need constant monitoring and refreshing, check out our “back to school” PPC tips for advice and help on your PPC campaign and its ROI.

To read the full article, visit Back to School With Your PPC Campaign.

For more information on PPC advertising and web marketing, contact us.  For further information on this topic, click here.

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Understanding Free Keyword Tools Online

Having trouble understanding which free keyword tools to use on the internet? With so many options available, we have helped narrow it down to just a few so you don’t have to!

To read the full article, visit Understanding Free Keyword Tools Online.

For more information on keyword research and web marketing, contact us.  For more information on this topic, click here.

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Use of Negative Keywords to Improve Conversion-Rate

Negative Keywords = Positive Results

Negative Keywords = Positive Results

You can use negative keywords to eliminate unwanted clicks and improve the quality of the visitors who click on your Pay Per Click campaign ads and therefore increase your conversion rate.

Marin Software wrote a White Paper on Negative Keyword-Usage, with case studies and lots of tips and advice their importance, plus strategies for identifying negative keywords.

To read more about this, have a look at out article on  negative keyword usage on our site.

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Negative Keyword Tool

negative keyword tool, negative keywordsFor a successful PPC Campaign it is imperative to use relevant keywords in your pay-per-click advertisements so you can attract search engine users who are likely to become customers.

However, using negative keywords is equally as important, because it allows you to prevent wasting money on keywords that aren’t relevant to your business and product offerings.  Negative keywords offer an opportunity to strategically restrict your PPC advertisements, so they only reach your potential audience, though acting like a filter. Creating an environment where you can dynamically define effective negative keywords helps you: Improve Click-Through Rate (CTR); Create More Relevant Ad Groups & Save Money 

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What are Negative Keywords?

Negative Keywords, what are negative keywords, improve PPCNegative Keywords are a core aspect of any keyword list and can help improve performance of your PPC campaign. Adding a negative keyword to your ad group or campaign means that your ads won’t show for searches containing that term. This allows you to focus your ad to target exactly the searches that will bring in quality clicks. By filtering out unwanted impressions, this increases efficiency of your campaign and results in saving your clicks for appropriate prospects/quality visitors, reduce your cost-per-click (CPC), and increase your ROI.

Implementing Negative keywords is simple, adding negative keywords at ad group level is just like adding any other keywords. The only difference is that you add them to the Negative Keywords section. It is also possible to as negative keywords at campaign level which will apply to all ad groups within the campaign.

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