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Adwords – Tips on Improving Your Quality Score

Google Adwords Quality Score

Google Adwords Quality Score

Improving your Adwords quality score can improve your ads’ positions and reduce the cost per click. So it’s worth doing your keyword research properly and splitting your ads into different ad groups focusing on keywords, ensuring that the landing page is very relevant to the keywords.

Through split-testing your ads, over time you should, over time, be able to increase your quality score by making your ads as relevant as possible to the keywords you are targeting.

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What Can be Learned from SEO to Improve PPC Campaigns?

ppc-v-seoSearch marketers can learn a lot from SEO research. The most obvious lessons can be learned from reports done for organic search so as to get ideas for keywords to include that might not necessarily have been discovered through keyword research using keyword tools. It is worth noting though, that some of these keywords may be too general and too expensive use in PPC campaigns.

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PPC Online Advertising – Problems and Solutions

PPC tips, ppc advice, google adwords tips, keyword tipsProblems in Pay Per Click advertising Campaigns.

Advertisers are often not setting up their PPC campaigns correctly and therefore not availing of the ROI that should be being achieved on a variety of PPC online advertising programs. This is particularly true in relation to Google AdWords. The main reason for this is due tho the fact that they are targeting the wrong keywords. It looks good when keywords have huge search volumes & high impressions and to even tap into a small percentage of the traffic available could cover the costs… false!  Successful advertisers already established have the advertising budgets to advertise under keywords with huge competition. New advertisers don’t have the budget and therefore the failure and losses start to come in as a result.

The Solution

Use highly targeted keywords that are specific to your product/service. Not only will the costs be lower but the traffic will be more highly targeted and will convert a lot easier than advertising on a broad keyword. Going broad can often be like taking a shot in the dark. Choose specific keywords, stay relevant to your landing page and keep your target audience in mind. Ask yourself why the search is being performed and if the keywords used are what your site has to offer.

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An Introduction to Keyword Insertion

keyword insertion, keyword tips, as copy tipsKeyword insertion is an advanced feature that can help increase you ad relevancy based on the term being searched. This keyword insertion technique involves you inserting a small piece of code into your Google adwords ad text  which means that each time the ad is displayed, AdWords will be instructed to replace the code with the keyword that generated the ad.

Keyword Insertion is a strategic way to try and increase the click through rate for your ad campaign. It has been proven that people are more likely to select an ad that reiterates the term that has been searched.

To find out more about the Keyword Insertion Technique and to discover how you can apply it to your ad words ad copy click here to read the full article on ‘ Introduction to the Keyword Insertion Technique’

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Negative Keyword Tool

negative keyword tool, negative keywordsFor a successful PPC Campaign it is imperative to use relevant keywords in your pay-per-click advertisements so you can attract search engine users who are likely to become customers.

However, using negative keywords is equally as important, because it allows you to prevent wasting money on keywords that aren’t relevant to your business and product offerings.  Negative keywords offer an opportunity to strategically restrict your PPC advertisements, so they only reach your potential audience, though acting like a filter. Creating an environment where you can dynamically define effective negative keywords helps you: Improve Click-Through Rate (CTR); Create More Relevant Ad Groups & Save Money 

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Why use Conversion Tracking?

conversion trackingconversion occurs when a click on your ad leads directly to user behavior that you deem to be valuable, this can include a sales, a newsletter sign up, a query request or even a website page view. Google has developed a conversion tracking tool to measure these conversions which ultimately will help you identify your advertising success.

Having access to conversion data allows you to make smarter online advertising decisions. For example, conversion reports can help you identify which ads and keywords work best for you. Therefore, you can remove ineffective ads or keywords and focus your budget on ones are resulting in conversions.

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PPC Ad Copy Tip – Include Promotional Offers

PPC Tips & AdviceThere are millions of people using search engines everyday and every one of those individuals is bombarded with PPC ads, organic search listings and display ads. The ad copy on your PPC ads is what can cause some one to click your ad over another. Therefore, this demonstrates the importance of writing effective ad copy that is compelling.  One tactic to encourage click through is to include promotional offers and calls-to-action in your ad copy.

Some example of promotional offers include:

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