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Facebook Starts Removing Likes

Do you buy your “likes”?  Facebook is clamping down on this kind of behaviour, read our article for more information on how to avoid getting hit.

To read the full article, visit Facebook Starts Removing Likes.

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6 Tips to Improve Your Facebook Advertising Results

Facebook logoFacebook advertising can be a great way to advertise your business to a very well targeted audience. Sponsored Stories are an alternative method to the standard ads and a combination of the two or on or the the other could be the method that works best for your business.

Making minor adjustments to your ads and follow certain guidelines will lead to the best results for your ads. For a list of 6 practical steps to follow to improve your ads, check out the full article on 6 Tips to Improve Your Facebook Advertising Results on our website.

For more info on Facebook advertising, contact us.

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Benefits of Facebook PPC

facebook advertising, facebook ppc, benefitsAlthough Google Offers highly targeted Advertising, Facebook PPC offers some unique opportunities that should also be considered when trying to reach your target market. Social Media has become a platform to reach a variety of audiences and can increase brand awareness, this could be highly beneficial if your target market are among those who use social networks.

Some of the Benefits of Facebook PPC include: 

  1. Bid on Demographics
  2. Two advertising options available – CPC & CPM
  3. Facebook Reports
  4. Ability to split test by demographic

Click here to get further insight on the benefits of Facebook PPC

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Tips for Facebook Ad Success

Facebook Advertising, Facebooks AdsFacebook Ads have become a popular and cost-effective way to promote business online and has proved particularly beneficial for small businesses. Recent research demonstrates that the majority of small business who have used Facebook Ads as part of their online marketing strategy, 65% said they would use it again. The main reasons for this being its ease of use and flexibility.

For those who did not find it beneficial or feel other mediums can bew more effective, listed below are 5 tips to help ensure that you achieve success from your Facebook Campaign:

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American Express Team up with Facebook

American Express facebook, American Express OpenLast year American Express teamed up with social network giant Facebook to create a joint venture of ‘Small Business Saturday’ to help promote small businesses.

Yesterday American Express announced they have teamed up again to allow its customers to trade their American Express Membership Rewards points for Facebook ads. Facebook ads allows businesses target the right audience and leverage word-of-mouth advertising via recommendations or ‘like’ from friend. This is a key advertising tool for small businesses as it allows them to compete on the same level as larger organisations. AmEx have helped make it easier again for small businesses to get their business in front of potential customers. However, at the same time this strategic move by AmEx gives people an additional reason to use the brand.

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