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Google Places has been Integrated into Google+

Google+ Local pages

Google+ Local pages

Google Places has been integrated into Google+ as a tab for local and social searches with reviews and recommendations. With it have come some changes. As well as a new Local search tab, several new features have been added to make search easier and more personalised.

Read more on our website: Google Places has been Integrated into Google+

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4 Tips on Getting Followers on Twitter

Twitter is one of the fastest growing social networks in the world and a great source of website visitors and customers. Here are  4 practical tips on getting more followers on Twitter:

1-      Learn the Twitter languageTwitter logo

2-      Target contacts with similar interests

3-      Make your profile interesting

4-      Be active on Twitter
To read more on this, read the full article on 4 Tips on Getting Followers on Twitter on our website.

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Social Media for Business | Social Networks

Social Networks

Social Media is becoming vital for business in promotion their business and products and for interacting with their customers.

But it’s important to know which social media sites suit your business type and hence, which sites have the potential to bring you more business. It’s also vital to understand how best to use those social media sites in order to promote your business.

For more info read our article on Social Networks for Business.

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