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Google AdWords for Small Businesses

When it comes to promoting your business services or products on line, this is achievable for small businesses using Google AdWords. Small businesses can even tackle the big guns in their industry for an achievable budget on this platform. By setting up an AdWords account correctly, even a small budget can yield impressions and clicks on Google provided you use the right targeting options and account structure.

The Issue

The main point to understand about Google AdWords is that it is a complicated platform and is difficult to master. Anyone who tells you it is a walk in the park is not telling you the truth, however when implemented correctly it can bring great results to your business objectives. Don’t get me wrong. Anyone can go in and set up a campaign. However, to maximise it and make it work for most businesses AdWords takes careful planning and practice to master which can take time. Time most business owners just don’t have, in addition to their already loaded work schedule. This is one of the reasons there are so many businesses who don’t think AdWords really works. However, with time, effort and patience your Google AdWords campaign can yield great returns and there are many businesses out there who have increased their profits dramatically and others who use it as their main advertising medium.

Keep It Simple

What a lot of business owners think about AdWords is that you need to have a huge account with hundreds of keywords in it or a huge budget. The fact is, you don’t need a huge campaign to be successful. If you have an AdWords account with too many words and not enough time to manage it you will most probably overreach and waste money. The best approach is to start your campaign small and over time as you become more comfortable with the platform gradually grow your account. Obviously the size of your account deciphers how much time is required to manage it.

Tracking Your AdWords Progress

One of the best pieces of advice we can give you is to track your AdWords account. By this we mean setting up a Google Analytics account for your website so you can get accurate data on your visits, users etc. You can then link your AdWords and Analytics account and monitor the return from your AdWords campaigns. Also set up AdWords Conversion Tracking which gives you data on your Campaigns, Ad Groups, Ads and Keywords. This tracking informs you of clicks and conversions from specific keywords and gives you a great insight into how each keyword or Ad Group is performing.

Don’t Overreach

Keep your account manageable and don’t try to overreach. This can happen in a number of situations such as miss-targeting your ads. Be it network, location, device targeting or even down to the match types used for your keywords, incorrectly targeted ads will guarantee to lose you money. It is always best to plan your account and target your campaigns towards pre-qualified search users, by doing this you will get higher click-through rates and hence higher conversions.

Don’t Overpay – Set A Consistent AdWords Budget

Getting to the top of Google SERP page is not essential in AdWords campaigns, it probably won’t even be a reality when running your campaign on a small budget. So our advice is to take a step back and look at your budgeting realistically. Firstly, set a daily budget that will determine how much you will pay over the month. In AdWords you decide your monthly budget and divide it by the number of days you are running your campaign in the month, to get your daily budget. The budget must tie in with your businesses financials e.g. don’t spend more on clicks that will eat into your company profit unless you have a strategy in place to drive return on investment whether in the short or long term.

By careful planning around your budget. Set up your campaign clearly, this will reduce your time and effort around changing your budget. Also bear in mind if you keep changing your budget it means Google has to recalibrate how it shows your ads and hence can impact negatively on your account.

Google will suggest increasing your budget in order to increase your clicks. Before doing this, ensure that the clicks you are targeting will drive the right traffic for your business.

Bidding In AdWords For Small Businesses

Bidding is a very important factor in determining your ad positioning so it is essential that you calculate correctly how much you will be bidding based on your budget to ensure an ROI. Here is a nice formula to work off:

Revenue or Customer’s LTV * conversion rate = Max Bid

Once you have decided on your maximum bid, your quality score will determine your ad positioning. The higher your quality score, the more likely you are to rank towards the top of the page.

Next Steps

Now having made informed decisions on your targeted traffic, budget calculated and set correctly and bidding set, you are on the way to running a profitable AdWords account.

If you need help setting up or managing your pay per click campaigns, contact WebResults. We have dedicated PPC specialists with the expertise to get your AdWords campaign working for your business. Call us on 01-2071872 or email us at

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Enhanced Campaigns have arrived

PPCEnhanced campaigns are finally here and it is time to start taking advantage of some of the new features. As we mentioned on Friday today is the day that your Google Adwords PPC advertising will be automatically moved over to enhanced campaigns if you have not already moved it.

The switch over to enhanced campaigns brings with it some great new features. There are new bidding options. Before you would have had to set up new adgroups and even new campaigns to target different devices and different geographic regions. With the enhanced campaigns you can target different devices from the one campaign and adjust their bids accordingly and minimise spend where bids may for example be less competitive on mobile.

You can also adjust bids for certain areas of your targeted geographic region, you may have a campaign for Ireland, but you want to increase your bids for searches in Dublin as it may be more competitive. Also, if you had noticed that more clicks on a Wednesday convert than any other day you can increase the bids for Wednesdays to ensure your ad appears in the highest position possible on Wednesdays.

There are also more reporting tools available in enhanced campaigns, one of which allows you to measure the number of calls from mobile campaigns.

At we offer a wide range of web marketing services including set up and management of your PPC advertising.

We can help your business manage the move over to enhanced campaigns to ensure you are not wasting budget on irrelevant clicks and that you are making the most out of the new features in enhanced campaigns. Contact us on (01) 208 1872 or email us at for more information.

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Final call for enhanced campaigns

PPC AdvertsingThis coming Monday July 22nd is the date when all adwords campaigns will switch over to “enhanced campaigns”. Google announced the change back in February saying that any campaigns not already changed over will be moved over by them.

Enhanced campaigns bring many new features to PPC advertising on the adwords platform including new bidding features across all devices. When you first switch over it seems you are required to target mobile devices but you can adjust the bid to -100% of your bids for your desktop/laptop campaign, which basically turns it off.  You can also place higher or lower bids for tablets and mobiles as it may be more or less competitive on a different device.  It even gives you the ability to bid higher when showing your ad on mobile devices to users who are within a certain distance of your business. Other new features include optimising your ads for varying user contexts – ability to show the right sitelink, app or extension based on the context of the potential customer and the device they’re using. There are also new advanced reports available in enhanced campaigns such as the ability to track new conversion types.

Google strongly advises businesses using adwords PPC advertising to make the switch to enhanced campaigns themselves rather than it being automatically switched over.  Otherwise, if you don’t manage the switch over yourself, you may show in results for mobile even though you previously had mobile targeting turned off as your site is not mobile friendly.

Our advice is to ensure that you do make the switch over before Monday and put some time into setting up your enhanced campaign and take advantage of the new features. You will otherwise waste valuable budget, paying for irrelevant clicks.

At we set up and manage Google Adwords campaigns. We can move your PPC Advertising campaign for you and ensure you are getting the most from your advertising budget. Contact us now to find out more. offers a wide range of web marketing services. We identify which activities will drive the best results for your business based on your business objectives and your target market. Whether it is a PPC advertising campaign, Social media activities or SEO Services, contact us now for a free consultation and we will get the web generating sales for your business – (01) 207 1872 or email

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Conducting A PPC Audit In 5 Minutes

Do you monitor your PPC campaign on a regular basis?  Read our 5 minute PPC audit that could help your campaign thrive and see if there are any aspects of your PPC advertisement that you could improve.

To read the full article, visit Conducting A PPC Audit In 5 Minutes.

For more information on PPC and web marketing, contact us.  For more information on this topic, click here.

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Adwords – Tips on Improving Your Quality Score

Google Adwords Quality Score

Google Adwords Quality Score

Improving your Adwords quality score can improve your ads’ positions and reduce the cost per click. So it’s worth doing your keyword research properly and splitting your ads into different ad groups focusing on keywords, ensuring that the landing page is very relevant to the keywords.

Through split-testing your ads, over time you should, over time, be able to increase your quality score by making your ads as relevant as possible to the keywords you are targeting.

Read the full article for Adwords – Tips on Improving Your Quality Score on our website.

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What Can be Learned from SEO to Improve PPC Campaigns?

ppc-v-seoSearch marketers can learn a lot from SEO research. The most obvious lessons can be learned from reports done for organic search so as to get ideas for keywords to include that might not necessarily have been discovered through keyword research using keyword tools. It is worth noting though, that some of these keywords may be too general and too expensive use in PPC campaigns.

Read more on this topic on our website.

For more advice about PPC campaigns or Adwords campaign management contact us.

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Improving Exact Match and Phrase Match matches in Adwords

Google_logoSometimes it can be difficult to find a balance between using Broad Match keywords on your Adwords campaign – to generate more impressions in the hopes of getting clicks – and using phrase match or exact match in the hopes of reducing the number of clicks that don’t convert because the person was searching for something different.

However, using phrase match or exact match meant that you might miss clicks from people searching for exactly what you are offering, bu they have simply misspelled a word or used a slight variant of the word that still means the same thing.

Well, that is about to change. Read more about Google Adwords’ Phrase and Exact Match update.

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