The Team was set up in 2007 as a result of the demand by businesses for expertise in how to effectively build your business through the web.

The approach is to get the web working for your business, regardless of what products or services you offer. The success is based on taking the time to understand your business, your objectives and your market and to explore what will work for your business and successfully build your web presence in your online market space.

At the head of operations is our CEO Rosey Broderick. Hailing from the Dolmen County of Carlow, she has over 15 years experience of working online. Her knowledge of Web Marketing is vast and much sought after, leading her to roles with Enterprise Ireland and The Fitzwilliam Institute where she shares her skills. Although she is in love with her work, she still manages to find time for such trivial pursuits as cycling, music gigs and travel.

Leading the operations team are the dynamic duo, Gwen and Sandra. Their hard work and dedication help steer the ship and ensure everything runs smoothly. They both share a common marketing background and are very creative in their approaches.  They are ambitious and always passionate about their work. In their spare time, we sometime let them out of the office; Gwen enjoys the finer things in life and has sampled most of the delights of the Dublin dining scene. Sandra, on the other hand, cannot wait to begin her next underwater adventure and demonstrate the skills learned on her PADI Scuba Diving course.  Not resting easily, the girls have committed to running the women’s’ mini marathon and are currently in training to prepare themselves for the challenge.

Daniel comes to us from the paradise of Brazil. We have yet to find a sane reason for leaving behind the glorious beaches, weather and people of his home county. But we sure are glad he has decided to spend his time here with us. Coming from a very experienced Digital Marketing background, he offers an edge to the dynamo of the group. His personality is bright and even when it rains outside; he still manages to light up the office. In his spare time he enjoys practicing his tennis skills and enjoying Dublin City culture, which he has grown to love.

We are the team and are always looking forward to hearing from you and seeing how our skills can help you. We are committed to getting the best online results for your business. Why not get in touch with us today and see how our services can help your business grow.

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