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Maximise Your Business Potential On The Web In 2014

SEO Tips 2014As we approach a new year, don’t fall back into the old habits of hoping that you will get better results without having made any changes. If you want to see brilliant results, devise a brilliant action plan that will drive your online business forward for 2014. Set out some clear business objectives and define some Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s).


Some key considerations when implementing your action plan.



Get your website in order. Are you confident that your website will convert your visitors into leads/sales for your business? Have you monitored how people are interacting with your website? Are you offering clear, compelling calls to action?


Is your existing website mobile responsive? Can your website visitors easily read your content on whatever mobile devices they might be using without have to pinch and squeeze their screens?


If you are planning on moving your website or changing any urls, make sure to use 301 redirects to connect old links to the most relevant new pages. Failure to do so could result in a loss of rankings.

Integrate social sharing buttons on your site to make it easy for people to share. Post content to encourage people to retweet or respond or comment on Facebook. Using shares through social media will increase your visibility both to the search engines and your prospects more effectively than through manual link building efforts.




Set out a clear schedule that focuses on content and ties your content to your search engine optimisation goals.
Content will form a big part of every marketer’s strategy in 2014. Google wants to create fulfilling content for all its users. This could be anything from text content and infographics to video in order to contribute to the overall user experience. Just make sure your content is relevant to your business and it is something that people can share. Set out a monthly content marketing strategy around your business and stick to it. You will reap the rewards through increased traffic to your website along with increased rankings.


Links & Social

There have been a number of algorithm changes from Google this year which have resulted in many websites seeing their rankings drop in the search engines. Many sites would have used spammy link building tactics to manipulate the search engines in the past which they now find has resulted in their website being penalised. Go through your links and see if you have any unethical links out there. We then suggest that you start to remove these links using the disavow tool. From now on, start to monitor your links to your site and use the disavow tool to remove any links that you feel are harmful to your site. Going forward, focus on building natural links, these are links created by people who share your content because they deem it to be relevant and useful.


Use the social networks to build relevant links into the content on your website.


Local Search

Google places a lot of emphasis on local search and is now beginning to display rankings from their own Google + social network. Get your business on Google + and ensure you link it to Google + Local (Formally Google Places).

2014 will all be about location and proximity targeting. Providing details of your business, hours of business, video and getting people to review your business on your Google + Local profile will not only enhance the user experience but will help your rankings on Google for local search.


At we identify the right digital strategy for your business in order to achieve maximum results for your business and increase your revenue through the web.

We can work with you through our outsourced services or if you would like to bring the skills in-house, find out more about our Web Mentor Programme, where we guide you and ensure your time is focused on activities that will drive results.


If you would like to grow your business through the web in 2014, contact now for a FREE review of your website.
We will identify any weaknesses that exist and offer some pointers on how you can drive your business to its full potential on the web.


Wishing everyone a Happy Christmas and successful 2014


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The Benefits of Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing:

 Affiliate marketing is a commission based agreement between 2 sites where one site rewards another for promoting their

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

products/services. The publishing site (the site promoting the products/services on behalf of the other, is only paid when a customer clicks on the direct link between the two sites or when a conversion occurs. The host site essentially acts as a “sales rep” for your product, who only gets paid on commission (Whatever the commission is, that is agreed between the parties!)

Affiliate marketing works best when the two sites are related in some way and have a similar customer base. An example of this would be Hertz car hire having an affiliation with Aer Lingus. Aer Lingus customers will be flying to another destination so they may need a car when they arrive. This provides Hertz with the perfect opportunity to gain a new customer by placing an advert for their car hire on the Aer Lingus site.  Hertz will only then pay for the advert after the customer clicks on that advert/makes a booking. This is a clever and effective form of PPC.

The link left by the advertiser on the host site should lead directly to a call of action such as Buy Now or Call Now for a better return on investment (ROI). One of the most successful forms of affiliate programmes is when a special offer is involved and immediately catches the eye of the potential customer.

Affiliate marketing falls within the Action category of the 4 steps involved in a customer transaction (Attention – Interest – Desire – Action). This means that if the potential customer has clicked on the link then they are already interested in purchasing your product or service. When  correctly executed Affiliate marketing can increase your *conversion optimisation and reduce your *bounce rate.

 *Conversion Optimisation      –         Converting a visitor to your website into a transaction

*Bounce Rate                                –          Where a visitor to your website leaves without clicking, giving                                                                                                                                                          information or making a transaction


Why Use Affiliate Marketing?

 Approach a Select Customer Base:       

If you choose the right affiliate site you will instantly tap into a client base similar to yours. At Webresults, we can help you set up and manage your affiliate programme, ensuring that you choose the right affiliates to gain optimum results for your business


Cost Effective Advertising:                    

With affiliate marketing you only pay for performance, so only once the visitor has taken an action, as agreed with publisher. This system is known to have a high ROI.

 24 Hour Sales Rep:                                  

With an affiliate programme, your product is being advertised 24/7 with no other input needed once it is set up.

 Association With Larger Brand:

Having your product advertised on a large reputable affiliate site can have your seen in a higher regard by customers


For more information and advice on Affiliate Marketing, contact us at:

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Vine’s Growth in Social Media Marketing



Vine’s Growth in Social Media Marketing:

Over the past couple of months, Vine has taken the social media world by storm. Vine is a by-product of Twitter which shows a six second piece of constant footage or a stream of Polaroid-like shots, all done through a smartphone. Vine is said to capture the “now” better than the likes of Instagram. Companies have been quick to notice Vine’s potential in marketing and here is a look at two organisations which have harnessed Vine’s ability.

Vine Case Study: Lowes

Lowes is an American based store which sell home appliances and offers advice and ideas for DIY and home improvement. Lowe’s where quick to use Vine to advertise their services. They created a series of 6 second Vines entitled #lowesfixinsix.

Their Vines where very practical and offered their followers handy everyday improvements or “Life Hacks”. An example of this would be a Vine they created showing the viewer how to get rust of a knife using lemon juice. The videos strike a perfect balance between brand promotion and usefulness whilst gaining very positive responses from their followers. Lowe’s have also had a large surge in new followers since they started releasing these Vines.

While six seconds is a very short time to explain a tip, Lowe’s where very creative in how they used the stop motion functionality of the Vine app and showed how easy their improvements could be. As a vine Video plays in a loop and is only 6 seconds long, it is easy for the viewer to watch the video repeatedly.

Watch Lowe’s Vine videos here

 Vine Case Study: ASOS

ASOS is a UK-based online-only retailer. Recent research showed that people preferred the in-store shopping experience in comparison to online shopping. The research showed that people preferred to go into the shop with friends and try on the product before buying. The concept of buying a product you only seen and having it arrive in a box didn’t seem quite so glamorous.

ASOS wanted to try and change the mindset and set about their #ASOSUnbox campaign through VIne. Their goal was to have ASOS customers post Vines of them opening their delivered products. The campaign gained a good response and evoked creative Vines from their customer whist getting people talking about ASOS as a whole.

This campaign enticed customers to post their Vines by offering prizes for the best videos. This put the creativity into the hands of the customer and Vine specialists, gaining a great response and in turn a lot of entertaining Vine’s where created for the brand.

Watch some of the entries here

What can Vine do for Your Company?

  • Show Your Personality:       

Vine is a great tool in adding more personality to your brand. It can be used to show behind the scenes of your company and interact with customers more on a human level.

  • Express Creativity:                

Vine provides an opportunity for both the brand and its customers to be creative, especially when done through the format of a competition where the best Vine’s can win prizes.

  • A lot of Retweets:                 

Vine videos are short and easy to share with top vine’s getting up to 45,000 retweets, resulting in high exposure of your brand.

For any tips and advice on using Vine, please contact us


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Inbound Marketing and its Importance to the Digital Marketing Mix

Inbound MarketingInbound Marketing:

 Unlike other marketing concepts, inbound marketing’s main objective isn’t just to Sell! Sell! Sell! Inbound marketing is centred around being helpful. It looks integrate itself seamlessly into customers lives and offers practical solutions. Inbound marketing creates a strong bond with customers as you offer them free advice and solutions without forcing products upon them.

Key examples of inbound marketing include;

  • Blogging
  • SEO
  • Social Media Activity


Blogging involves writing articles and info pieceson your field of expertise. If your company sells mobile phones, then you could write a short blog on the new features of the Samsung Galaxy S4 with a critical view point. In this blog you are not trying to hype the reasons why the reader should buy the phone at your store, but you could mention that you sell these at the end of your piece.


The aim of Search Engine Optimisation is to see a user type a specific keyword into the search engine search bar and have your website appear as a top listing on the results page.

Social Media:

 Social Media Marketing is the process of promoting a business’s activities and site via social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Social media acts as great centre point for inbound marketing as you can use it to upload blogs and video content and it is also considered when improving your SEO.

58% of European marketers implemented inbound marketing strategies in 2013. 76% of these marketers spent more money on inbound marketing efforts than outbound. This represents a shift in the mindset of most marketers. They are now looking at different ways of building customer loyalty, with inbound marketing seen as the best option.

Why use Inbound Marketing for Your Business?

Build Your Business Profile:

Present your business as the experts in your field offering relevant, helpful information, updates, tips and advice. Generally information that is helpful to your clients and prospects when they are in the market for your products/services.

Give Personality to Your Brand:

Inbound marketing enables companies to express themselves in an informal manner. They can show what their company is passionate about and what motivates them.

Build Your Business Profile on the Web:

By offering interesting, engaging content, your contacts and followers will share your information with their contacts, building your community and getting your business in front of new prospects.

Engage With Customers: 

Inbound marketing enables your company to engage with your customers on personal level and build strong relationships. It makes your company more approachable to the public.

Improve Your SEO: 

Effective inbound marketing will improve your SEO. The search engines are placing more and more priority on social media activities and links when presenting search engine results. By focussing on the terms that are most relevant and building content around them on both social networks and your site, you will build your profile on the search engines for terms most relevant to your business. At Webresults we can help   you create a successful content strategy that will maximise your SEO and social   media activity to drive sales for your business.

If you would like to find out how to devise and implement a successful inbound marketing strategy for your business that will build your profile and drive more high quality customers to your business, please contact Webresults.



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UX Factor Seminar

If you are looking for new insights on the latest webmarketing trends you might find some answers at the UX Factor seminar. This seminar is part of four half day conferences organised by the Irish Internet Association. The next one will take place in Dublin on the 10th April. The main subjects are design, mobile development, and user experience. This conference organised by experts in the field will allow you to learn more about how to make your website more effective and bring more conversions. See more information hereImage.

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Mastercard launches its digital wallet while Visa partners with Samsung. What changes does it involve for business ?

It is no longer a secret that there are great opportunities with mobile for business. Now, with Near Field Communication (NFC) technology customers will be able to pay, using devices equipped for that technology by bringing them close to each other, usually no more than 10cm apart. The launch of a digital wallet by MasterCard, and the partnership between Samsung and Visa announced at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, will make the use of mobile payment devices more accessible. What could this mean for your mobile marketing strategy ?

MasterPass, Mastercard’s digital wallet will not only make payment at the till easier, but also online payment by avoiding users having to input their credit or debit card details each time, which could have a considerable positive impact on m-commerce. MasterPass will also allow customers to scan a product barcode while it’s still in the store aisle and make the purchase within the store’s app.

Thanks to the partnership between Samsung and Visa, the leading smartphone on the market will be automatically equipped with the NFC payment app, Visa PayWave. This system will accelerate the availability of mobile payment around the world.

The development of m-commerce opens the door for great mobile marketing strategy.With every piece of information about your customers unified between the store, internet and the mobile, businesses may use this system to make the life of their customer’s easier, develop customised programs and personalise their offers.

Is your business ready for mobile ? Do you have a mobile site? Or do you want to develop a mobile marketing strategy ? For a free expert review of your mobile presence contact us now by email ( or by phone (01) 2071872

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What the latest Facebook News Feed changes mean for your Business

Last week, Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg announced the latest set of changes to the Facebook news feed at a major press event at Facebook headquarters in Palo Alto, California. The changes to the news feed are major ones and could have a big effect on how businesses use Facebook.

The main changes that will effect businesses will be how visual content and stories will be displayed on the new look news feed. One of the main reasons stated for the greater focus on visuals is that almost 50% of posts in January 2013 contained a photo while this was 25% in November 2011. The actual news feed will be made much larger, the navigation bar on the left side will be removed and the page will look far less cluttered. With the focus on visual content, this will allow businesses to show more detailed photos on a clearer platform with the aim of creating more engagement.

Facebook photo likes, photo albums, videos and even content from 3rd party sites will all be displayed much clearer to users. One of the new features that has great potential for businesses is the new ’liked pages’ format. Now when a user likes a page it will appear on their friends news feed, with a much larger image of the Facebook page in the story, including the pages profile picture and cover photo, this again has the potential to increase engagement and get new likes for the businesses page. The new look news feed will have far better consistency between viewing on desktop or mobile, so businesses can be assured that their messages have a consistent feel no matter what device the user is on.

The following link will show you examples of the new look and feel of the news feed before the changes go live:

Are you making the most out Social Media for your business? Contact Us at to find out how we can help your business achieve goals through a social media campaign tailored to suit your business.


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