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An Overview of Mobile’s Importance in Digital Marketing

Rise in Mobile: An Overview


Mobile is growing faster than any other technology before it. Smartphones are quickly developing with 47% Irish people currently owningMobile site one (Mediascope, 2013). Smartphones are the perfect medium for those wanting to access the web while on the go enabling people to always stay connected. Approximately 1.2 million Irish people go online using a mobile device (Mediascope 2013). This creates an ideal opportunity for marketers to attract those browsing the web on their phones through mobile marketing.

This means companies must make their websites mobile responsive so these potential customers can access your site through their phones. Those browsing on their phone do not want to have to pinch and grab their way through a site. On clicking through to a site on their mobile, they should be brought to a site which is fitted to suit the size of their screen. Once set up correctly this will be done automatically.

Google have also been quick to consider mobile devices when delivering search results. If Google is aware that a search is being conducted on a mobile device, then it filters search results to cater for those on the go. This is particularly effective for those with paid Google Adwords campaigns.

Tablets such as Ipads are also constantly growing in use with 12% of Irish people currently going online on a tablet device (Mediascope 2013). These devices are known to be used more frequently at home, particularly in the evening time for browsing the web.

This rise in mobile should also be considered when using email as a component of your marketing strategy. In research done by Litmus, they found that email opens on smartphones and tablets have increased 80% over the last six months. People who are opening emails on their phone are unlikely to download any image attachments which accompany emails. This means that your email campaign should aim to get its information across textually without relying on fancy imagery, as to accommodate your mobile audience.

Why use Mobile Marketing?

Reach a wider audience:

When using mobile marketing as a part of your marketing strategy, you can now reach a wider market of consumers who are constantly on the go. This is a very specific type of consumer, but also a vital type.

Stand out from the competition:

Mobile marketing is growing fast however a majority of sites are unresponsive to mobile; it would therefore be refreshing for a mobile consumer to come across your page which caters to their needs. A small improvement such as this can reflect well on your business.

Bridge the gap between Offline and Online:

Mobile marketing is unique in that consumers can instantly react to traditional advertising campaigns. If a person where to see a poster advert at a bus stop, by placing a QR code on that poster, then the customer can scan it and be taken directly to a specific area of your site.

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Mastercard launches its digital wallet while Visa partners with Samsung. What changes does it involve for business ?

It is no longer a secret that there are great opportunities with mobile for business. Now, with Near Field Communication (NFC) technology customers will be able to pay, using devices equipped for that technology by bringing them close to each other, usually no more than 10cm apart. The launch of a digital wallet by MasterCard, and the partnership between Samsung and Visa announced at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, will make the use of mobile payment devices more accessible. What could this mean for your mobile marketing strategy ?

MasterPass, Mastercard’s digital wallet will not only make payment at the till easier, but also online payment by avoiding users having to input their credit or debit card details each time, which could have a considerable positive impact on m-commerce. MasterPass will also allow customers to scan a product barcode while it’s still in the store aisle and make the purchase within the store’s app.

Thanks to the partnership between Samsung and Visa, the leading smartphone on the market will be automatically equipped with the NFC payment app, Visa PayWave. This system will accelerate the availability of mobile payment around the world.

The development of m-commerce opens the door for great mobile marketing strategy.With every piece of information about your customers unified between the store, internet and the mobile, businesses may use this system to make the life of their customer’s easier, develop customised programs and personalise their offers.

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