How connect with influencers of your industry on Twitter

How to connect with Influencers on Twitter:


twitter promotional tweetsTwitter is a massive open forum of conversation which ranges with every topic and subject matter possible. Anyone can have an input in any given conversation; however some people’s opinion is regarded higher than others. There are some Twitter members who voice their opinion and share information regularly on specific topics and gain a huge following based on their insights. These people who have a large amount of followers and have their content constantly shared and retweeted, are known as influencers and can be found in any market.


When producing content based on your area of interest, you should always keep these influencers in mind, as they have the ability to spread your content to a very similar audience, sending traffic your way and ultimately effect the buying decisions of others. Here are some tips in connecting with your industry’s influencers in an attempt to have your content shared.


Follow them – This is an easy step and can show that you are interested in what they have to say.


@Mention Them – This is a good way of appearing on their activity feed. Try to engage the influencer, ask for their opinion on a particular topic.


Avoid Direct Mailing Influencers as these days the DM is constantly used for spam and a lot of users don’t even check their Twitter Mail.


Retweet their updates – Retweeting is a great way of getting on the radar of influencers, whilst also sharing good content for your current followers.


Reply to their questions – Some influencers actively seek to engage with their followers, so if they do ask for input on a certain matter, be sure to reply with a good tweet.


Share their content – People love to have their work recognised, so share their content whilst mentioning them as the source. This again will have you appear on their radar.


Recommend content to them – As well as sharing their content, try to create your own content relevant to them and suggest they read it. Also suggest good content from other sources so that you appear helpful rather than pushy.


Connect with them through other social networks – If you begin to add influencers on different networks, they may begin to recognise you, especially if your profile picture and branding remains consistent.


Why connect with influencers?

Connecting with influencers can have your content reach a wider and more lucrative audience. Extra merit is added to your content by having influencers share your content. These influencers can also produce good content from which you can learn and get ideas from.

If you have any inquiries as to industry influencers or any other social media topic then please contact us, as our team of highly trained digital marketers will be more than happy to reply.



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