7 Tips for Improving Your Mobile Website

7 Tips to Improve a Mobile Website


Mobile MarketingWith the use of mobile rapidly rising, it is important that your business stays up to date with the latest developments and harness mobile’s ability to attract new customers whilst keeping current customers satisfied. A major factor in the success of your mobile marketing plan is having a responsive mobile website. Here are some elements of a mobile website that you should include;

Keep Your Mobile Site Simple, Consistent and Easily Navigable

When it comes to a good mobile website, you must remember that the visitor is using a much smaller screen to that of a desktop.

Your page should be clearly laid out with large aoncise headings.

Have key information only, on your pages, as too much information can become distracting and frustrating for a user of a mobile device.

Prioritise the content that users need most, and clearly present the key information for each topic.

Don’t include too many form fields (no more than 6) and include options they can select rather than type if relevant

Provide an Easy Scroll Experience

Visitors to your mobile website do not want to have to “pinch and zoom” their way through the site.

The best way to avoid this is having large and clear information with a scroll down function.

As previously stated, keep the content simple and concise, the visitor doesn’t want to read copious amounts of information when on their mobile device. Less information will make the scrolling function neater and easier to use and also will focus you on keeping to the point when writing your content.

Keep the Font Size Legible and Large

Keep the writing large and easy to read, a 14 point font size would be ideal.

Avoid complicated, fancy writing such as ALGERIAN OR Bush Script M7. Stick to fonts such as Helvetica, Myriad Pro & Mayberry Pro.

Keep Your Text, Short and Sweet

Use short and snappy content to keep your visitor engaged.

Create memorable phrases that your audience can easily tweet out and repost.

Include some action buttons such as, “BUY NOW” “REGISTER” “ENTER” etc.

Let the Imagery Speak

In a visually tight space such as mobile, a well selected image can quickly sum up your message.

Try to blend your image in seamlessly with the both the background and text.  Avoid using harsh colours such as Neon Yellow which can make the screen difficult to look at.

Always remember to size your photos for web and compress them so your viewers will enjoy faster image loading time on the site.

Make Sure it Scales

There are over 500 different screen sizes for mobiles, making it a challenge to have a truly mobile optimised ubiquitous landing page.

Try the following to help scale your website;

  1.  Make sure your page scales to both landscape and portrait views.
  2. Avoid coding your mobile site in Flash or using Flash video if you can because it does not load on all devices (mainly iPad and iPhone).
  3. It’s recommended to create your mobile site in HTML 5 because it solves many problems associated with flash on mobile.

Make Interface Actions Easy

If you are a retail outlet such as a cafe or shop, make it easy for your customers to find your location. Include universal symbols for links such as email and Facebook so that visitors can quickly interact with your site.

Adding a mobile strategy to your overall marketing campaign can help you connect with your customers effectively and at times most relevant for them. Mobile marketing is a fast growing environment, and you get on board now and don’t miss out on its fantastic opportunities. If you have any questions regarding mobile marketing, and what it can do for your business, please contact us at Webresults.


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