Google Analytics: Event Tracking

Google Analytics: Event Tracking


Google analytics is a great tool for seeing how your online activity is performing.  With event tracking, you can determine what is classified as an event. An event may be something like a visitor pressing play on a video, or a visitor clicking on a link like the one highlighted below.


Event Tracking (links)


With a tracking code inserted (by a web developer) on a link such as this, you can now gain an insight as to the number of people completing this event and whether or not it is encouraging enough visitor interaction.


After clicking on this link, the visitor will be taken to separate page with a signup form. This can be tracked as a separate event enabling you to compare the number of visitors who clicked on the link, with the number of visitors who complete the form. This enables you to see if people are being put off by the layout of the signup form and bouncing off the page. You could then use the information gathered from Event tracking to improve the layout of the form to increase conversions.


 Event Tracking (Form)


After inserting these tracking codes, you can then easily view their progress through your Google Analytics account online.


Unique Events:


Within Google Analytics you can view Unique Events. These are important to monitor as one user may click back and forth on the same element numerous times, and Google analytics knows how to differentiate each unique user. Examples of this would include pushing play and pause on a video.


Why use Event Tracking:

With Google Analytic’s Event Tracking, you will be able to streamline your conversion funnels from entrance right through to payment receipt, improving the visitor experience and increasing the likelihood of your site being recommended to their friends.

If you have any questions regarding event tracking or any other aspects of Analytics, please contact us and at Webresults and we will get back to you right away.


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