The Benefits of Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing:

 Affiliate marketing is a commission based agreement between 2 sites where one site rewards another for promoting their

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

products/services. The publishing site (the site promoting the products/services on behalf of the other, is only paid when a customer clicks on the direct link between the two sites or when a conversion occurs. The host site essentially acts as a “sales rep” for your product, who only gets paid on commission (Whatever the commission is, that is agreed between the parties!)

Affiliate marketing works best when the two sites are related in some way and have a similar customer base. An example of this would be Hertz car hire having an affiliation with Aer Lingus. Aer Lingus customers will be flying to another destination so they may need a car when they arrive. This provides Hertz with the perfect opportunity to gain a new customer by placing an advert for their car hire on the Aer Lingus site.  Hertz will only then pay for the advert after the customer clicks on that advert/makes a booking. This is a clever and effective form of PPC.

The link left by the advertiser on the host site should lead directly to a call of action such as Buy Now or Call Now for a better return on investment (ROI). One of the most successful forms of affiliate programmes is when a special offer is involved and immediately catches the eye of the potential customer.

Affiliate marketing falls within the Action category of the 4 steps involved in a customer transaction (Attention – Interest – Desire – Action). This means that if the potential customer has clicked on the link then they are already interested in purchasing your product or service. When  correctly executed Affiliate marketing can increase your *conversion optimisation and reduce your *bounce rate.

 *Conversion Optimisation      –         Converting a visitor to your website into a transaction

*Bounce Rate                                –          Where a visitor to your website leaves without clicking, giving                                                                                                                                                          information or making a transaction


Why Use Affiliate Marketing?

 Approach a Select Customer Base:       

If you choose the right affiliate site you will instantly tap into a client base similar to yours. At Webresults, we can help you set up and manage your affiliate programme, ensuring that you choose the right affiliates to gain optimum results for your business


Cost Effective Advertising:                    

With affiliate marketing you only pay for performance, so only once the visitor has taken an action, as agreed with publisher. This system is known to have a high ROI.

 24 Hour Sales Rep:                                  

With an affiliate programme, your product is being advertised 24/7 with no other input needed once it is set up.

 Association With Larger Brand:

Having your product advertised on a large reputable affiliate site can have your seen in a higher regard by customers


For more information and advice on Affiliate Marketing, contact us at:


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