What is your Social Media Strategy this Christmas?

Social Media MarketingMaximise your social media strategy this Christmas and take advantage of the business opportunities in your market. Some tips that might help:

  • Write relevant, compelling content
  • Don’t just post for the sake of it. Provide information that will offer value to your clients.
  • Teach them something new, that is relevant and that will help them gain something.
  • Be sure that you use your social media activity to help you search engine rankings.
  • Include search terms in your posts that contain the keywords that you are targeting as a business.

Engage with your customers

 No matter which platform you are using it is important to interact with your customers. Make sure you connect with your customers by providing feedback, promoting conversation and encouraging debate. Talk about something that is novel or new. Post images, questions. This will also get people sharing with their connections. This is how great companies ensure social media success for Christmas.

Create Value

Christmas is a busy time for everyone but it is also an expensive time. Providing value for your customers is so important. This could be anything from helpful blogs posts that are related to your product or providing discounts and vouchers online. Customers will be thankful as Christmas can be an expensive time for everyone.

Which Platform to use?

There are many platforms to choose from when planning your social media Christmas campaign. If your budget is tight try picking one platform first and see how it goes. It is better to have one good social media campaign on one platform rather than covering all social media angles and not doing well at all. Last year, Facebook was responsible for 4% of all Christmas visits to retail websites. Make sure your website is one of these this year!

Tip: Wish your fans a Happy Christmas around 23rd and make them aware of your post Christmas sales. Did you know Christmas Day 2012 was the 5th biggest shopping day of the year last year with over 107 million visits to retail websites. Do not miss out!

Paid Advertising on Social Media

  • Run targeted pay per click campaigns using Twitter
  • Target people who are connected to people who like your page on Facebook. Run a competition and use PPC advertising to get beyond your friends and family – find new prospects.
  • Target relevant people using their email addresses through Facebook and remind them of your offering.
  • Get on front of people who visited your website using ‘remarketing’activities.
  • Understand what worked before. Analyse behaviour using analytics.

At Webresults.ie, we identify the right social media strategy for your business in order to achieve maximum results. We work with your business to build an effective social media campaign that produces results. Get in gear now and maximise your businesses potential. Contact us at Webresults.ie to get started today.


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Cyber Monday – Busy day for online retailers expected.

Different Payment MethodsCyber Monday (sometimes called Mega Monday) has now become one of the busiest shopping days of the year with savy retailers using this day to highlight sales and discounts available online, as well as coming out with some creative marketing ideas to get us to spend our money and avail of all these limited time deals online.

Primarily a USA phenomenon Cyber Monday has now grown to be one of the biggest shopping days across the world with many shoppers using cyber Monday to purchase Christmas presents for loved ones.

With a lot of early deals available across the internet the hottest categories will surely be fashion and electronics with many hoping to snap up a heavily discounted iPad or smartphone.

Online shoppers are now more comfortable shopping on their mobile phone so it will be no surprise that many of these transactions will take place via Smartphone. Last year for instance, Amazon sold approximately 41 items per second online. This will no doubt grow this year again. For Online Retailers, Digital Marketing Activities can really drive your sales for the end of the year. There are many novel businesses like Christmasmadeeasy.ie, who take away the stress and pressure of preparing Christmas dinner. Are you taking advantage of the Christmas opportunity as an online retailer?

With much of the online sales activity due to take place between the hours of 6pm and 10pm on Monday we can be sure that this Cyber Monday will probably set a few records this year.

As an online retailer or a business where Christmas activity is a time when people tend to buy your products or use your services more than other times, it is an ideal opportunity for you to increase sales. There is still time to take advantage of the Christmas market, as people continue to purchase online and avail of services, over the next few weeks. There are businesses that will continue to offer the opportunity to purchase gifts even on Christmas day, for those who ‘forget’ to purchasing for their loved ones. Sites like allgifts.ie offer a full range of vouchers for all types of gifts and activities.

At WebResults.ie, we ensure you maximise the opportunity for your business. We can work with you to identify the best online channels to get your business on front of your key targets.

We will get your Google Adwords, Facebook, YouTube campaigns set up and running quickly. Contact us at WebResults.ie now.

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What does the Google Hummingbird update mean for your web strategy?

Google_logoIn September 2013 Google announced the biggest update to its search algorithm in over a decade. The update is called Hummingbird and it is the third update in around 18 months after the Penguin and Panda updates. Although many sites felt the effects of Penguin and Panda, these two updates were just tweaks to an algorithm. However, the Hummingbird update was a major overhaul of the algorithm.

This update, like the ones before is aimed to improve the search results. So how is it going to do that?  Hummingbird specifically focuses on semantics – which is the relationship between the words in the search. Therefore, Hummingbird will be paying more attention to each word in a search query, rather than just focusing on particular words. The aim is that the results match the meaning of the search rather than just a few words of the search.

So the principle is still the same; to produce high quality and regular content. But you may need to tweak your content in some ways. The update means Google is capable of understanding more detailed searches, so you may want to focus on more specific topics. Rather than writing about “the best mobile phones” you might write about the “the best mobile phones for business executives”. You can also vary your keywords as Google can now substitute a keyword, based on its understanding of the search, so an example of this could be substituting the term “GAA jersey” for “gaelic jersey”.

Although Google only announced the changes in September the changes have been in place since August. So if you have seen a major change in the traffic visiting your website since then it may be time to look deeper into the Hummingbird changes.

At Webresults.ie we provide a wide range of digital marketing services including search engine optimisation (SEO) and web content strategies. To find out more about any of our services please contact us.

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Rabo Tweeties – Twitter Awards

Twitter for businessThe Rabo Tweeties is an awards ceremony to celebrate the best of Irish businesses and Irish people on Twitter. There were 14 categories in all, including celebrity, TV, sport, Vine and business. Twitter users could vote for their favourite twitter account in each category by using the accounts Twitter handle and the relevant category hashtag.  The Winners were announced at an awards ceremony in Dublin last night.

We would like to congratulate @DoneDeal, the winner of the Twitter business category, which is the Twitter account for Ireland’s largest classifieds website. Their account has almost 12,000 followers and they are very active posting links to their blog which usually has a few posts each week, they retweet some of their followers tweets which are about an item on sale through their site. They also have competitions and news from events they are taking part in.

We would also like to congratulate @SabaDublin, another business account that won the ‘food’category. Saba is an atmospheric eatery, serving tasty Thai & Vietnamese food on Clarendon Street, in Dublin’s city centre. . They again, as you would expect are very active and have almost 2,500 followers. They tweet about all their latest offers, retweet tweets from customers who enjoyed their meals there, they also tweet about events on in the city centre such as Arthurs Day and Oktoberfest, their cooking courses and sporting events.

For businesses, it is important to also ensure that you are using your social media activity to drive your rankings on Google. By taking the time to devise a focused Social Media Strategy, you can really bring benefit to your search engine optimisation.

Is your business making the most of social media? Have you got profiles set up on all the relevant social media platforms for your business? Are you active on them? Are your search engine rankings benefiting from your social media activity? If you would like to find out how your business can take advantage of social media, contact us at Webresults.ie. We offer a full range of digital marketing services including social media account management. We also run a Web Mentor Programme, where we guide your business on how to effectively manage your own Social Media activity. You never know maybe next year your business could be a nominee or even a winner at the #RaboTweeties.

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The Importance of Having a Direct call Option on Your Mobile Site:

The Importance of Having a Direct call Option on Your Mobile Site:

As you will have heard us mention, on many occasions before and today we are going to say it again, Mobile is the rapidly growing medium of choice for those accessing the internet. With more and more people owning smartphones, internet access is almost always available at the touch of a button. This is a trend your business needs to take notice of and you should always look to accommodate mobile user’s needs.

People using the internet on their phones are searching in a different context to those searching from their laptop. For example if a person is searching for a garage from their laptop then they will likely be at home browsing solutions to some car trouble they are having and are in no real panic.

If however a person is searching for a garage from their phone, there is a good chance that they are in need of assistance and are looking to contact this garage immediately. This user will not want to navigate their way through your site to find a number, and then have to try remembering it before they can enter it into their phone. On this garage’s mobile site, it should be made as easy as possible for the user by offering essential information such as location and the option to click to dial.

Call Button on a Mobile Website

Little things like this all add up to enhance visitors to your page which in turn strengthens their relationship with your brand. According to new Google/Ipsos research, having a simple ‘click to call’ button on your site increases click through rates and brand perception. Of the 3,000 people surveyed, 70% of them used the click to call button.

Every business needs to acknowledge mobile’s influence on the digital market and how there is an entire target market of mobile users that need to be approached differently to your traditional laptop and computer market.

If you have any questions on mobile marketing or mobile web design, please contact us at Webresults.

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Why you Should Track Sales Through Google Analytics’ Goal Funnel

Tracking sales through a goal funnel:

Google Analytics is a great tool for analysing all aspects of your digital marketing activities. Within Google Analytics there is tool called a “Goal Funnel”, which allows you to view each stage in the process of a visitor completing what you have decided is a goal. This is a very effective tool when tracking the sales or leads that are generated through your site.


Google Analytics Goals Funnel

Google Analytics Goals Funnel

This funnel is set up for each of the pages a visitor goes through before they complete a transaction – in the able example, there are 6 pages. You will see in this case, 8,098 visitors have added an item to their cart; however 5,705 (70%) people have changed their mind and decided against purchasing this item at this first stage.


Of the 2,393 visitors who continued to the billing stage, 719 (30%) visitors decided against the purchase. This goes on through three more stages until you get a final figure of 1,371 visitors who completed a transaction on your site during this particular timeframe.


By tracking sales through a goal funnel, you can see at what stage people are leaving the funnel and in turn you can work on identifying why and putting measures in place to avoid people leaving. If a large amount of visitors are leaving at a page which requires personal information, then maybe you’re asking for too much unnecessary information. This funnel can help you optimise your online checkout to suit your customer’s needs.


Tracking your sales as goals through Google Analytics is a great way of measuring the ROI of your online market. For example, you may discover that referral traffic from Facebook buys more than your referral traffic from Twitter. This kind of information can be vital when determining which strategies to focus on in the future.


For more information on goals and funnels in Google Analytics, check out our info centre.
If you would like to find out how to maximise your use of Google Analytics or if you have any questions regarding Google Analytics or any other form of Web Analytics then please contact us at WebResults.ie.

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What Bitly can do for Your Business

Bitly For Business:


Twitter is a great tool for any business with an effective digital marketing strategy. However with only 140 characters available to you, it isHow to Use Bitly important that you make every character count when conveying your message. This restriction the amount of characters available becomes particularly problematic when including links in your posts. Bitly is a great tool for shortening these links as to not take up as many characters in your post. All that needs to be done is to post Link A into the Bitly Tool and the result will be Link B.

Link A:

Link B:

This isn’t the only function Bitly has to offer, with a range of stats, apps and shortcuts available for free.

Monitor Your Stats:

Bitly Stats

When you shorten a link through Bitly, each link is automatically saved to your personal account, these are called bitmarks. Within your account the stats tab enables you to view each bitmark’s popularity and performance. With this you can see how many clicks each link received and from which source. You can also breakdown the time of each click and view the country from where each click was received.

Bitly Location Stats

Purchase Personal Bitmarks:

If you wish to purchase a short domain you can have your bitmarks start with a personal beginning. Ellen DeGeneres has her bitmarks start with ellen.tv/ rather than bit.ly/.

You can also change the arrangement of letters at the end of a bitmark to be more relevant to the subject. This can be done for free by clicking on the pencil icon situated next to the bitly link. The difference in each link can be seen below.

Bitly Customised Links

Bundle Your Links:

The option to bundle your links is a way of categorising your links and having them grouped together. This can form an easy to use archive of bitmarks for future use. People can also view these bundles so it is a good way for people to browse similar links that you have to offer.

App and Plugins:

Bitly has a free app for Iphone where you can create links and check your stats on the go. There is a helpful plugin available for chrome which is very handy for creating links quickly and another available for WordPress which can automatically create a bitmark for each blog you post.

Where your business is focused on inbound marketing activities, Bitly is a useful tool for tasks associated with content creation and link building.

If you have any questions about using Bitly or any other digital marketing tools and applications, then please contact us.

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