Why you Should Track Sales Through Google Analytics’ Goal Funnel

Tracking sales through a goal funnel:

Google Analytics is a great tool for analysing all aspects of your digital marketing activities. Within Google Analytics there is tool called a “Goal Funnel”, which allows you to view each stage in the process of a visitor completing what you have decided is a goal. This is a very effective tool when tracking the sales or leads that are generated through your site.


Google Analytics Goals Funnel

Google Analytics Goals Funnel

This funnel is set up for each of the pages a visitor goes through before they complete a transaction – in the able example, there are 6 pages. You will see in this case, 8,098 visitors have added an item to their cart; however 5,705 (70%) people have changed their mind and decided against purchasing this item at this first stage.


Of the 2,393 visitors who continued to the billing stage, 719 (30%) visitors decided against the purchase. This goes on through three more stages until you get a final figure of 1,371 visitors who completed a transaction on your site during this particular timeframe.


By tracking sales through a goal funnel, you can see at what stage people are leaving the funnel and in turn you can work on identifying why and putting measures in place to avoid people leaving. If a large amount of visitors are leaving at a page which requires personal information, then maybe you’re asking for too much unnecessary information. This funnel can help you optimise your online checkout to suit your customer’s needs.


Tracking your sales as goals through Google Analytics is a great way of measuring the ROI of your online market. For example, you may discover that referral traffic from Facebook buys more than your referral traffic from Twitter. This kind of information can be vital when determining which strategies to focus on in the future.


For more information on goals and funnels in Google Analytics, check out our info centre.
If you would like to find out how to maximise your use of Google Analytics or if you have any questions regarding Google Analytics or any other form of Web Analytics then please contact us at WebResults.ie.


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