Optimising Your Online Checkout to Increase Sales

How to Make the Payment Process Easier for Customers


Making it as easy as possible for your customers to pay is essential for increasing conversions and sales. Your checkout page is of vital importance, where you are converting visitors into paying customers, so ensure that it is the smoothest transition possible. Here are some tips to making the payment process as simple for the user as possible.

Provide a Number of Payment Methods:

Restricting yourself to only one available payment method will likely see a large bounce rate from your checkout page. You don’t have to include every payment method available, but you should accommodate payments from all major credit cards and debit cards.

Different Payment Methods

Allow Transactions for Those Who Don’t Have an Account on Your Website:

Forcing people to register an account with your site can be seen as unnecessary and intrusive by many of those who just want to purchase an item.

While having them register with your site can provide you with opportunities, the onetime customer may view it as an unwanted distraction. Which prolongs the completion of a payment, allowing more time for a customer to decide against purchasing said product.

If a customer completes their first transaction with ease then they may view your site more favourably and opt to register with the site voluntarily.

ITunes address this problem with a guest checkout option;


Don’t Redirect People:

After browsing through your site and deciding to purchase a product, your customer will become familiar with the layout and branding of the site. When it comes to the final step of parting their money with you, they may feel slightly uncomfortable with being transferred to a different website to input their card details.

This is one of the disadvantages of using a service like PayPal, which takes customers to a generic checkout page. Using a solution which allows more branding and integration can reassure the visitor and thus increase your conversions.


Make Errors Easy to Fix:

Having input all the necessary details, a customer may add an extra number to their card number or forget to fill in their zip code. Where this happens, highlight the mistake clearly with the rest of the details still filled in, like Spotify do in the example below, rather than leaving the customer to guess what the issue is.


A customer may become irritated if they have constantly re-enter their details because of a small mistake.

Ask for Essential Information Only:

When it comes to completing a checkout, the customer’s card details are obviously essential. After that then keep the required information to a minimum, maybe their email address for confirmation purposes and receipt.

A lot people will drop off the process if they feel they are being asked for too much personal and unnecessary information.

If you are asking for more information, then offer an explanation as to why you require this information.

Keep Distractions to a Minimum:

Having brought your customers this far in the buying process, you do not want them to get distracted by an advertisement at the top of the page. Don’t offer any other calls to action on the checkout page other than completing their checkout.

Have Clear Calls to Action:

Throughout the buying process, you should make it clear what a customer has to do to buy a product. When a customer clicks on an item, make it easy for them to “add to basket” with options to “continue to checkout” or “continue shopping” etc. Don’t leave the customer guessing as to how they can actually purchase this product.

These are just some quick tips as to what you should include in your checkout page. If you would like to find out more about how to maximise your websites conversion rates or how to go about building an effective checkout system on your website, please contact us at WebResults.

You don’t want your users to have to go through this!


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