Tips on Increasing User Signups

How to Increase user signups:


There are many different changes that can be made to one’s webpage to try to increase your signups, such as free newsletters or free trials. These kind of signups are easy to include on WebPages, and don’t require extensive coding changes.


Here are 5 simple tips that will boost your signups and in turn increase your conversions.


Make Your Call to Actions Obvious:

Within a signup page, a clear call to action is vital. Without it, the process becomes redundant as visitors don’t want to spend time trying to figure out how they go about signing up.


Call to Action

Webresults Call to Action


Differentiate your call to action from the rest of the page. Use contrasting colours, a larger font and prominent positioning for the best results.


Keep Your Signup Form Simple:

You will know yourself from past experiences, when faced with a long and complicated signup form; you are more than likely going to leave that page. Try to stick to essential information only, if no money is involved then just look for their name and email address. With money involved just ask for the bare minimum required by your credit card processor.

Simple Form

Simple Form


Offer a Guarantee:

Offer a guarantee on the product or service the customer is signing up for. If it is something a free newsletter then show a guarantee that you will not share their email with anyone else and also tell them that they can opt out of the newsletter at any time. This can help build trust between your brand and customer.


Signup Guarantee

Signup Guarantee


For paid products, offer a guarantee of 30 – 60 days if possible so that customers will feel more secure about purchasing your product.


Use Popup forms:

Short and simple popup forms can be a great way of having a visitor sign up to your service in a quick manner. By producing a short form through a modal window, the visitor may see how easy it is to sign up and opt in there and then. This also takes out the hassle of having to navigate their way through your site looking for a signup form.


Offer Incentives:

Let’s face it, we all like free things! Offering a small incentive for users to sign up to your subscription can greatly improve conversions. Even small incentives such as a free trial or consultation can be enough to entice a visitor to sign up.


At we offer a wide range of digital marketing services such as PPC and SEO. If you have any questions on how to increase signups on your site or ways of improving traffic to your site, please contact us.



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