Gmail Update: How It Affects Marketers

How Does the Gmail Update Affect Marketers?


Gmail has recently updated the look of a user’s inbox by having email’s categorised into (up to) 5 different folders. The categories include; Primary, Social, Promotions, Updates and Forums. The user can choose which categories they wish to use, and can even choose to opt for a primary inbox only.

New Gmail Layout

New Gmail Layout

Every email is then automatically placed into its relevant category, the categories are defined as the following;

Primary – This is the most important category within the inbox. This tab features messages from family, friends and contacts that don’t appear in any other tab. It also features starred messages.

Social – This tab is for any form of social site being used such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.

Promotions – This is the tab where emails involving any deals and offers etc. will go.

Updates – Automatic notifications of bills, statements and reminders. Emails such as airline confirmations and credit card statements will appear in this tab.

Forums – Messages from any forums or discussion groups that a user participates in

What does this mean for marketers?

With this update, the power goes straight back to your leads and customers. Most of your emails will be automatically categorised as a promotion which can either deter or entice a reader into opening it.

This does however mean that those who do open your email are more open to your products and services as they opened your email in full knowledge that they are reading about a promotion or offer.

Gmail’s filtering system is very clever, so once your subscribers engage with your email more regularly, there is a good chance that they will begin to appear in their Primary tab. The subscriber can also chose to have emails sent by you to appear in the Primary tab manually. This is why you shouldn’t bombard your subscribers with a continuous stream of sales pitches, instead offer useful content and a select amount of promotional offers.

Why use Email Marketing?

While some people argue that the open rate of promotional emails is low (roughly 21%), that is a percentage of what can be a very vast or specific audience. Email marketing can be very direct and a good way of making customers aware of any new products or promotions you have to offer.

If you have any questions about Email marketing and how it could work for your business, please contact us at WebResults.


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