Enhanced Campaigns have arrived

PPCEnhanced campaigns are finally here and it is time to start taking advantage of some of the new features. As we mentioned on Friday today is the day that your Google Adwords PPC advertising will be automatically moved over to enhanced campaigns if you have not already moved it.

The switch over to enhanced campaigns brings with it some great new features. There are new bidding options. Before you would have had to set up new adgroups and even new campaigns to target different devices and different geographic regions. With the enhanced campaigns you can target different devices from the one campaign and adjust their bids accordingly and minimise spend where bids may for example be less competitive on mobile.

You can also adjust bids for certain areas of your targeted geographic region, you may have a campaign for Ireland, but you want to increase your bids for searches in Dublin as it may be more competitive. Also, if you had noticed that more clicks on a Wednesday convert than any other day you can increase the bids for Wednesdays to ensure your ad appears in the highest position possible on Wednesdays.

There are also more reporting tools available in enhanced campaigns, one of which allows you to measure the number of calls from mobile campaigns.

At WebResults.ie we offer a wide range of web marketing services including set up and management of your PPC advertising.

We can help your business manage the move over to enhanced campaigns to ensure you are not wasting budget on irrelevant clicks and that you are making the most out of the new features in enhanced campaigns. Contact us on (01) 208 1872 or email us at info@webresults.ie for more information.


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