How to use Facebook to build customer loyalty

45% of internet users regularly consult pages of businesses on social media. 54% of people under 35 admit to being attached to brand content on social media. Using Facebook for business is a great way to be more visible and bond with your customers. Facebook can help you increase your customers’ loyalty by generating interaction.

How can you get more likes, shares and comments ? There are certain techniques and formats that will make your business Facebook page more effective. This will allow your business to grow, as your content will be more relevant and encourage people to share.

Here a few examples of how you can use Facebook for business.

  • Post at the right time. When are your targets on Facebook?
  • Be compelling and straight to the point. Don’t waffle or use language that will confuse the reader.
  • Add pictures, they generate more interactions than other formats.
  • Ask questions to get more comments. Make them even more prominent by putting them at the end of your post.
  • Put strong calls to action. The most efficient ones are : like, share, caption this, yes or no, thumbs up.
  • Don’t post too frequently. Brands that publish once or twice a day get 19% higher interactions on their posts than those who publish more than three times a day. Post 7 times per week or less and you will get 25% higher interactions.

Find out how to manage Facebook effectively for your business or how to set up an effective social media campaign for your business through the our customised training programmes or through our Web Mentor Programme at Call our team now on (01) 207 1872 or email us at


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