Instagram for Business

Instagram for BusinessInstagram is one of the latest Social Networks to “hit the big time”. Launched in October in 2010, it has had a dedicated niche following. But it has recently been drawn to the attentions of the masses after Facebook bought them out for $1bn. These days, many businesses see the benefits of using social media to promote their business. Everyone knows they should be doing it. But not every business owner knows how, as in what to post about.

What can they post about that will be interesting and generate leads? Some companies have clearly developed and great Facebook strategy, since they have thousands of followers and seem to come up with interesting topics to post about everyday, about which their followers are interested enough to comment on.

So now we have Instagram. It’s a very limited Social Network. It’s all about photos and images. So how can this be used for promoting your products and services? To find out more, read our article: Can Instagram be used for Business?


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  1. #1 by Buy Instagram Followers on Sunday - 5:13 pm

    It can be definitely used for business. Instagram is a very useful marketing tool if you know how to utilize it. Upload frequently with some great photos and interact with customers are some basic techniques to market with Instagram 🙂

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