Using Social Media Feedback and turning it into Valuable Business Data

Social media is a must for a company to survive in today’s competitive environment. 25 % of Ford’s marketing spend is on Digital/social media and they are the only US auto company that didn’t take a government loan.

You have set up your company’s social media accounts, delegated someone to be in charge of your social media with a goal to start generating engagement, and now you’ve got a decent audience involved in conversations about your company. Great, but where’s the real value?

Between 50 and 75% of messages that companies receive on Facebook and Twitter don’t need to be actioned in any way. The real challenge is to identify and learn from different, valuable lessons based on just one message. You’ve found it, it looks interesting, but what can it do for your company?

Webresults have identified 5 techniques to get the best out of your social media feedback

Monitor Perceptions of Your Brand

Identify your customer’s real needs and wants.

Understand Which Products Resonate the Best

Learn from Major Customer Issues

Construct a Social Media Plan

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