Top SEO Tips after Panda Updates

Google Panda Updates, SEOSEO has changed a lot, although some things never change , good onsite optimization means you don’t have to worry about every little update that is out of your control. Having good SEO means your site will be solid regardless of changes. Please find a few tips below to ensure your on site optimisation since the recent Panda update.

  1. Increase the content of your pages and posts. At least 500 words, 700 if possible. Make sure you use good spelling & grammar is used.
  2. If you don’t have videos on your site, start adding them. Make your own videos that are relevant to your business and product/service offerings. Additionally you can do that easily convert a PowerPoint into a video. This can be easily done by using these instructions found on YouTube. A free tools that can help your SEO
  3. If your business is local, create and upload locations.kml  and geositemap.xml files to your root folder. You can do this easily with the help of this geositemap generator. It also explains what to do once they’re created.

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