How to Customise your Google+ Page’s Public Profile

google plus, google +, google + for businessesFollowing on form yesterdays post ‘How to set up a Google + Page for your Business‘ Once you have selected a category from the above, you can start customising your page.

1) Add your profile photo and tagline

The tagline is restricted to 10 words that best describe your page. After you have included the profile photo, click continue and you will be asked to spread the word about your new page through your personal Google + profile. At this stage you will not have completed your page, so ignore this and click on finish and you will be brought to your page.

2) Editing your page info

Once you have viewed your page’s welcome screen you will probably want to include additional information. Go to your pages profile by clicking the Profile icon at the top left of the Search Google + box. Then on the about ‘About’ tab select ‘Edit profile’. This is where you can edit everything and add additional links to your other social profiles, such as blog posts etc.

3) Adding a Photostrip

Similar to the five photos displayed on a Facebook page, these photos will appear under your page’s name and tagline. You can use various photos to represent your business or get slightly more creative with this space, it is your decision.

Now your Google + Page is ready, you can start posting to your profile by adding status updates, links, photos and videos. Start writing some content and building up the profile before you use the ‘Spread the word’ option and share the page to your personal profile connections.

For more information on how to create a Facebook Page or a Linked In Company page or any other social media profile, contact for social media marketing activity that best suits your business.


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