How to set up a Google+ page for your business

google plus, google +, google + for businessesGoogle plus is now offering the ability to set up Google plus for businesses, so how do you go about getting involved? Firstly and similarly to other social media channels you will need to create a personal Google + profile for yourself.

Then you will need to go to Create a Page on Google +  and follow the steps to get started.

Picking a category

The first step is to choose a category and there are 5 main categories to choose from:

1) Local business or place – this includes hotels, restaurants, places and stores / shops. If you choose this category you will be asked where your business is located and for the phone number. Google plus with then try to find a match with Google places and will use this information for your Google + profile. If they cannot match your business to Google places you will be able to add your business info and continue to the next step.

2) Product or Brand

Examples given by Google + that fit under this category include apparel, cars, electronics and financial services. Enter the page name and website and choose an applicable category from the selection of industries provided or simply choose brand, other, product or service.

3) Company, Institution or Organization

This category includes companies, institutions, organisations, non – profits and similar entities. Similar to the Product /Brand category, you simply enter your page name and website and choose an applicable category  for your organisation.

4) Arts, Entertainment or Sports

This category comprises of pages for movies, TV, books, sports and shows . Again enter the page name, website and category.

5) Other

If you feel your page does not fit under any of the above categories, then choose this option.

For each of the categories mentioned above you will be asked if the content is suitable for any Google User, users 18 or older, users 21 or older or to add a specific note that content will be alcohol related. Then you will need to tick the box for the Google + Additional Terms of services, (which we recommend you read first, as there is information on authority, access, content, data,contests, suspension and termination).

Tomorrow we will show you how to customize your Page’s public profile.


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