How to create a Company Facebook Page

facebook pages, facebook for business, company facebook So you have decided that you need to get on Facebook and reach your target audience. Well done on getting this far. Here are some figures to let you know that you are making the right decision.

  • 84.2% of all Irish Internet users used social networks in December 2010.
  • The average Irish person spends 18 hours and 7 minutes online each month (Comscore)
  • 77% of all Irish internet users use Facebook (Comscore)
  • 90% of those aged 15 – 24 years use Facebook, and two thirds of those use it every day. (Ipsos MRBI)

So you have the info. Getting on Facebook is an important tool for any business or organisation that wants to interact with people. Your audience is already there. They use the service daily and for hours at a time. Now it’s your turn to get involved and interact with your community.
So how do you get involved? There are a myriad of potential ways to set up on Facebook and get your business into the social media realm. If you have plans on taking the Facebook world by storm or just want a medium to interact with your clients, then a Facebook page is for you. The advantages of this are that it is open to the public, you can share information easily, anybody in your network can like you page and post comments. You can add photos to the site which can be tagged by people. All this helps your communication and interaction of your business. Offer incentives to join such as competitions and freebies. The possibilities are almost endless so have fun and explore. You can ‘like’ pages of similar companies or Facebook Pages that you enjoy and are successful to garner ideas. 

By taking this step by step process, you will be able to set up your Facebook Page quickly and easily so sit back and enjoy.

Click here to get the steps


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