How to deal with upset Facebook Fans

upset_facebook_fansSo you have received a less than complimentary Facebook post from a user. What do you do next? Acknowledge it, do not shy away from  it, it will benefit you in the long run if you address it head on. The next steps are key to retaining the upset customer and potentially the business of other fans / customers on your Facebook page too.

1)Respond no matter what

It is crucial that complaints and issues fans post on your wall are addressed and acknowledged. If these posts are not addressed people will see that you are trying to ignore the matter,  it will appear as if you are unconcerned about customer support and this could be detrimental to your reputation and cna often provoke even more anger and can increase the chance of the user returning with wall posts that are even more angry. Respond with respect and concern and indicate your intention to rectify the problem. If  you address the issue, it demonstrates that  you value your fans opinions, positive or negative.

2) Be Patient and understanding

Remember to understand your position, you are closer to the industry, products and services so what may seem like basic knowledge to you, may not be for a customer. So always take a step back and put yourself in your customers shoes and you may be able to see why someone is frustrated. Always remember that an apology will go a long way in keeping a customers business and instead of trying to figure out where the blame lies, turn upset fans into loyal customers by making their experiences better.

3) Contact the customer privately

Contacting the customer privately will open up more options for you to deal with his / her complaint. Ideally some sort of token or gesture letting your customer know that you are sorry so whether that is offering the managers phone number or a money off coupon, moving the conversation from public to private allows you to give the customer a personal touch that shows you care

4) Consider asking the fan to remove the post

Once things have been discussed and resolved privately, the customer is probably unaware as to how damaging their comment on your wall can be to your reputation.  If they are satisfied with the resolution reached and the grateful for the time taken to do so, there is no harm in asking privately for the post to be removed.

5) Respond back to the original author

As a general rule, you should not remove negative posts as users know that you have the ability to do so and if they only see positive posts, they’ll assume  you are deleting the ‘bad’ posts. If you do not feel comfortable in asking your customer to remove the post, you can publicly respond to it instead. Express happiness that the issue has been resolved and that thankfulness for his / her business. Remember even a negative post can be a good thing as long as the last comment is left on a positive note.

6) Let you community respond

This is the end result of time, energy, patience and a fantastic product. After you have engaged with fans, over time they will become more active on the page and sometime even assist one another. This is great as there is genuine credibility  when fans endorse business for you. This however is a level you can only achieve if you nurture and support your community.

7) The Last Resort

If the customer is unresponsive to your attempts to resolve the issue, hostile and simply looking to cause trouble and start arguments, banning the individual is the  last resort option.

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