Top 3 Components of Google Adwords Quality Score

adwords quality score, quality score tipsWe all know there are numerous components that determine Google Adwords’ quality score. In this post we will discuss what Google says are the top three components of this. It is essential that all advertisers understand that quality score is based on all of the components working harmoniously together. Compare it  to construction of a building. You may have all the major components to put the building together, but it’s not complete until everything has come together to form one solid structure.

The top 3 compmonent of quality score consist of:

1) Keywords 

Your keywords are the most important aspect of increasing your quality score. Your keywords are the only component in your account that will actually give you a rating of good, bad or great. However, even with keyword ratings, determining your overall quality score is much more complex than this. Acccording to Google

“The Quality Score used to determine minimum bid is derived from your keyword’s click-through rate (CTR), the relevance of the keyword and ad text to its ad group, your landing page quality, and other relevance factors.”

All keywords have a minimum bid. The goal is to get the lowest minimum bid that Google will allow. In order to do this you have to improve your quality score.

2) Ad Text

The main goal, as Google sees it, is for advertisers to provide the best, most relevant experience for the user. Including your keywords in your ad text is a key step in the right direction to provide relevant ad text to the search query inputted. If you have poor ad text that isn’t getting many clicks, or has a low click-through rate then you may be experiencing a lower quality score in return. Adding keywords  into your ad text is another strategic way to make your ad text more relevant and in turn, this can help in crease your quality score.

3) The Landing Page

What you do to your landing page can have immediate affects on your minimum keyword bids, your keyword-targeted ads positions on the content network, and probably the most important to all advertisers, your ROI. Landing pages of your ads should be  relevant to the add content and should also contain key terms that cause this ad to appear. Having these in place can aid in increasing your quality score.


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