The Advances in SEO

SEO has changed a lot over the last decade, SEO success no longer depends on words alone but a wide variety of factors. Every search engine on the internet today has its own unique algorithms and methods of ranking websites so understanding this when planning your SEO strategy is essential. Many search engines have a system that works for them so change very little.  Google search engine, on the other hand,  is constantly evolving and changing, which is why it appears to be at the forefront of the search engine arena on a consistent basis. However, this makes it harder to keep on top regarding SEO. Every time Google makes a significant change in how they determine search engine page ranks, SEO efforts also must adjust to those changes.

To demonstrate the changes and advances in SEO SEOMoz have provided the following:

SEO Advances

Since then further advances have been made which has changed the way SEO works and therefore changed the responsibilities for a SEO Strategist. SEO Moz have outlined the essential responsibilities for SEO Strategists in 2011:

SEO Advances


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    Thank’s for telling us this new strategists.

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