5 Tips to Improve your Link Building Success Rate

Link Building TipsLink building is considered to be a long and tedious task, often thousands of link attempts can be made which results in a mere 7 links. Discussed below are 5 principles that can help improve your link building success rate:

  • Contact people like people

Search Marketers often think of link building as obtaining a link from a website. Link building can also be speaking to a person and convincing them to take a real world action that is beneficial to you. Generally Link building is a very impersonal process where methods such as email templates are sent out, just think how you react to spam type emails. As marketers we are taught to optimize one message that appeals to many people; there is simply no place for that in effective outreach link building.

  • Stand out in the Inbox

What are your thoughts on spam? Probably similar to your thoughts on telemarketers. If you know its them calling you won’t pick up, if you can tell its spam you delete it. Titling your email ‘Link Request’ is an obvious give away so avoid this, you want to take an indirect approach because you don’t want the link target to decide before ever seeing what you had to say. Send emails as a person as opposed to a company email address, this  makes it more personal.

  • Do your Research

Study your targets use it to develop your context for the initial email, Choose something that relates back to the content that the person had written about on their own site.

  • Offer Value

We tend to think of link building in terms of “what can this site offer me?” rather than “what do I have that will be of interest to the target link?”. If  you have a link to some content important to your target links audience share it with them.

  • Maintain Rapport

It is important to maintain an active rapport with your new linking partners, only contacting  them when you need a new link will result in them being less inclined to help you out. Social Media such as Twitter is the perfect place to maintain this rapport. Follow your new friends and encourage them to follow you and be sure to retweet their links and engage with them from time to time so you remain in constant contact. 


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