World Cup Games Set Tweets Per Second Records

Twitter record tweet per minuteThe FIFA Women’s World Cup set two new records for number of tweets sent per second on Sunday. At the end of Sunday’s FIFA Women’s World Cup final between USA and Japan, the number of tweets sent per second reached a new all-time high with 7,196 per second at the end of the game. The Paraguay vs. Brazil game is the new number-two spot with 7,166 tweets per second.

President Obama contributed to this new record by Tweeting ‘Couldn’t be prouder of the women at #USWNT after a hard fought game. Congratulations to Japan Women’s World Cup Champions.’

The previous record was also connected to Japan and was set just as New Year’s Day began this year in Japan with 6,939 tweets per second.

This is not Twitters only record set this week as the 200 millionth Tweep signed up for a Twitter account which is resulting in 350 billion tweets delivered each day.  When Twitter was first launched with its 140 character limit and little conversation threads, Twitter did not seem like the communication revolution it has become. People now Tweet about everything from what they had for breakfast to breaking news stories which have all contributed to the vast amount of Tweets sen every day. The service has enjoyed spectacular growth over the past five years and we don’t see this slowing down anytime soon.


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