Pay With a Tweet

Pay with a tweet or PWAT is a new business model designed to allow the sale of a product such as an e-book or music file in exchange for a Twitter Tweet or a Facebook Share. Created by German – American company Innovative Thunder, it allows you to share your knowledge in order to increase publicity for your brand. This can lead to a type of social contagion where your product will be shared by those who PWAT your product, giving you access to a greater number of social networks  (provided you provide quality content).

As a way to market your brand, it is a highly innovative model and a way to formally value the social networks we own. In the ever increasing world of Digital Marketing, it is ideas like these that will allow you to stay ahead of the curve and stay successful.  

To help you become familiar with the new concept, I will pass you on to the creators and their well executed YouTube video.

Auf Wiedersehen



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