Greater Google Search Powers

Google this week announced plans to increase its search functions with the introduction of voice and image based search technology. The new functions can be used with desktops search services wile improvements have also been made to its mobile search capabilities. It is designed to create faster and more efficient searches for those who speak quicker than they type.

The new voice application will be available in Google Chrome. Just click on the microphone icon on the search bar and say what you want to search. Obviously you will either have to have a microphone installed in your computer or have external hardware for it to work. From next week it will be available to everyone using Chrome 11+ in English.

The image search will be available at Select the image you wish to search, put it in the search bar and Google get s you results. The more famous the image, such as a popular landmark, the better the results for related content on the web.

The introduction of these new services will make it more attractive for people to make Google Searches. It strengthens Google’s place at the top of the search engine hill and helps bring new users on board. Google is reconfirming its position as an innovative and consumer friendly company.

Further to these developments, Google has introduced some new measures to increase search capabilities on its Android operating systems. It makes it easier for people to search for what is around them. Local categories like restaurants, pubs, hotels, ATMs etc can be found in the form of icons on the mobile Google homepage.

For business, it is important to keep abreast of these developments. As more and more people search for products and services through Google, it is vital that your business is visible to these searches. With the rapidly expanding Smartphone market, and greater use of Android, your customers are spending more time than ever online. Will your business be able to take advantage of these changes and increase its promotion and sales?


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