Co Tweet – Social Media Management Tool

CoTweet Social Media Management ToolTwitter is a great business tool and many companies are starting to realise the benefits of using Twitter to connect with their target audience. The only problem is that often this can be difficult to manage. Co Tweet is an excellent tool for small businesses and large businesses alike and we have outlined some of the benefits and features that this social media management tool offers:

  1. CoTweet lets you manage multiple Twitter Accounts. It also allows up to 6 people to share a single account. Tweets can be tagged with ‘CoTags’ making tracking this activity very easy.
  2. Schedule Tweets – Twitter itself does not provide this option but using a tool such as Co Tweet will allow you to schedule Tweets in advance, which can prove to be quite beneficial and handy.
  3. Another really beneficial feature is that Co Tweet allows you to assign Tweets to different members of your team. So for example, if a customer asks a question the Tweet can then be assigned to the person with the knowledge to answer the question. Co tweet  sends an email to that person and displays the Tweet in an assigned category and this is definitely one of the best features of Co Tweet.
  4. It is also easy to monitor trends and track click through statistics on links that you tweet. Co Tweet also keeps an archive of all your tweets, so this can act as a backup to safeguard and store their tweets.
  5. Another feature Co Tweet offers it that of On Duty Company Twitterers. Users can actually specify if they’re on duty. On duty means you will receive individual of batch email alerts any time there is a reply or a direct message to a Twitter account you are responsible for managing. This type of real time data can prove to be quite useful as you will be able to take action and respond quickly.

CoTweet supports Twitter and Facebook and recently launched an Iphone App too. Co Tweet offers a more efficient tool for businesses. So if your business has a number of team members using social media, then this could perhaps be the social media management tool for you.


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