HootSuite – Social Media Management Tool

Hoot Suite social media management toolHoot Suite is a social media dashboard that allows you to connect multiple social networks for managing social content. For example Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, WordPress and other social networks. It makes it easy to upload content to social networks as you can update all networks in one go. It was launched in December 2008 by Invoke Media.

Hoot Suite has a rapidly growing user base and have won awards including Mashable’s Open Web, Canadian New Media, and Shorty Awards. HootSuite has an array of features that make social media marketing easier to manage such as

  • Multiple Networks – save time as you can manage all networks through one system
  • Team Work Flow – You can have multiple employees set up to contribute to all social networks
  • Track Statistics – Creates visual graphs of statistics, both summary and individuals
  • Multi Stream View – Can view updates for multiple networks on one page
  • WordPress Integration – View, manage, schedule and post directly to your WordPress blog from your HootSuite account.
  • Schedule Tweets – Update content on your tweeter account anytime by scheduling tweets through HootSuite
  • Message Drafts – Save your updates and messages for a later stage or save messages that are regularly sent out
  • Manage followers – see who is following you and who you are following
  • Social on the go – Messages can be uploaded using mobile apps for iPhone, Android, Blackberry, iPad and more.

Hootsuite can make managing your all your social networks so much easier and allow  you to use your time more effectively.  For more information on this tool visit HootSuite.com


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