How To Set Up a Twitter Account for Business

Twitter, eh? Isn’t that where we first heard about Ryan Giggs and the thing we were not supposed to mention but now we can? And wasn’t there something about a Twitter user blogging live on his account as US Navy Seals closed in on Osama Bin Laden? Yes, most definitely.

This little Micro-Blogging site has taken the world by storm in a relatively short period of time. In Ireland, alone, it has an estimated 150,000 registered users and growing. These vary from famous comedian Dara O Brien to the Irish Soccer Team. Everyone is using it, so it seems. With the average worldwide audience growing by 460,000 new accounts each day.

So as you can see, it is becoming an important tool in reaching people and your audience. A variety of Business will find that their consumers are spending more and more time online, with Twitter being a crowd favourite. People enjoy the interaction it provides and rely on the service to share their views, follow their interests and get all the latest news.

So your Business should be on Twitter too, right? Exactly. Reaching your audience has never been easier or more rewarding. So sit back and relax as we take you on a step by step journey to get your Business Tweeting. So Jump in, get involved and get on Twitter. You know it makes sense.

1.      Who are you going to be on Twitter?

Surprisingly, this might be the most important question you are going to ask yourself. Remember that you will be representing your business, so how do you want it represented? Your Username will be the first to be viewed. It is restricted to 15 characters, so it is important to ensure that your brand is well represented and available.

Also something to consider is that if you have a large business, are you going to use more than one admin. Often it is seen as a good idea to have various people behind the brand representing your business on twitter. This is a branded profile there the personal user who acts on behalf of your business is recognised, i.e. @Intel_Eric, @synopsys_Roy

2.      Set-up your Account

  • Ok so, this is the easy bit. Log on to
  • Enter the name of your Business
  • Enter your Username
  • Enter a Password, Twitter will tell you if it is strong or weak.
  • Enter your Business email. You will need this to activate your account.
  • Click the ‘create my account’ button and then complete the form to make sure you are a human.

3.      Personalise Your Account

  • So once you have your account set up, it is now important to personalise it.
  • Add a photo. Either a Logo or something that shows off your brand.
  • Get some links to your Blog, Website and Facebook set up.
  • Explore other companies that may be of interest to you and start following them.
  • Add friends from your email or other Social Networks.
  • Let Twitter know that you have finally arrived by giving your first tweet.

So there you have it, your Business Twitter account is set up. But just in case you thought that your work here was done. I am sorry for having to burst your bubble. This is just the first step in creating a successful Twitter space. Unless you are an incredibly famous brand offline, like Wayne Rooney, you will not be bombarded with Followers. To gain a valuable reputation on Twitter, takes time and effort.

Luckily we are here to help you shine. I will be writing about how to build your Twitter presence soon. So get on Twitter and FOLLOW US today and look out for our advice on How to build your Twitter profile.



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