Using Facebook Insights to Improve your Content

As a Facebook Administrator you will have access to some Facebook tools to monitor your Page’s performance. These are often a good indicator of the content on your site and how it is viewed by those who visit your page. This article will show you which numbers are most important for recognising these trends and improving your content.

Post Quality

Rather than frequent posts, which can scare off and annoy those that follow your page, it is more important to focus on quality posts. You can recognise a quality post by the number of likes it receives or how much comment and conversation it generates. It is possible to increase likes and comments by asking questions to stimulate conversation and posting on relevant topics. The ‘Post Quality’ metric used by Facebeook is not indicative of actual quality posts as they focus on subscribers more so than actual active subscribers. We have identified five important insight metrics which we feel will give you a greater impression of our Page’s performance.

Total Users and Unsubscribed Users

One of your most important charts will be the number of fans you have compared to those who have unsubscribed. If you are very active and see that over time the percentage of those who unsubscribe increases, then it might be a good idea to examine the quality of your content to discover the cause of this exodus.


As the numbers who like your page increase, tour interactions should increase too. Examine the interaction graph to ensure that you are engaging well with your audience.

Interaction Per Post

If your fan base is rowing then it is important to keep a track of this statistic. If your interactions per post aren’t increasing over time relative to your fan base, then you aren’t doing a good job of creating quality posts.

Page Views

This is the Mecca of all analytics. If your page is growing its number of fans, then your page views should be increasing too. It is a very quick way to explore the performance of your site.


It is one of the most useful metrics available. It is able to track the age and gender profile of your audience and track which group is growing the most and also who to target.

These are some of the best ways of gathering information on your site through the use of metrics. Listen to your metrics and tinker your performance to improve results. Play around with your metrics to get a greater picture of your Facebook Page performance.



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