Innovative Facebook Advertising

Pay per click advertising was taken to a new level recently by the American Social Media expert Matt Simpson. He recently set up a new campaign to sell, well, himself. In a slightly bizzare social experiment, Matt launched a Facebook Ad campaign to target his desired female market and advertise himself with the goal of achieving a date. While it is yet unclear as to whether anyone has taken up the offer thus far, his results have been pretty interesting and stirred a lot of interest in the online world.

He documents his campaign on Social Times, in what is a rather entertaining and educational article. If one takes time to look past the actual product he is advertising, and concentrates on how he advertised, it could be a good tuition on how to set up your own Facebook Ad campaign. Now, I am not advocating that you go out start selling yourself online, but by using the same principles that he employed, you could increase awareness and sales for your product or service.

So lets examine the data. Facebook has a ready-made market, full of consumers and active users. Matt was able to use Facebook Ads to find his target market by specifying location, gender, age and personal interests. His campaign cost less than $20 over five days through which he received  30 clicks and 5 leads through a contact form. Consider that to get 5 numbers from girls at a bar, that you may share nothing in common with, it is going to cost a lot more than $20. So Matt is saving Money, but more importantly he is saving time. Facebook Ads are not Labour intensive as you set it and forget it. The results come to you and the cost per click is very much inexpensive when you take these factors into account. Also Matt was only getting interest from people he shared something in common and this means there is greater chance of success when you have a narrow and focused market to your particular needs.

The downside of such a campaign for Matt, is that he may come across as creepy or desperate. But, with the move to online activity gathering pace, it cant be long before those social conceptions are eroded.

So can Facebook Ads help your business grow? PPC advertising is a proven method of driving awareness and sales for many business. Reaching your target market has never been easier or cheaper. As Matt demonstrates, by using a well thought out strategy and focusing on a clearly defined target market  you can easily achieve your goals, whether it is to achieve a date or sell some other product. Well done Matt and thanks for giving us a giggle here on a Friday morning.


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